CTFN Does Team Building Program for Henry Hotel in Lilo-an, Cebu

Nowadays, when someone mentions team building, most would think of activities that help develop skills on critical thinking, communication, task delegation, and many more.

You may be familiar with or have been subjected firsthand to standard team building programs such as scavenger hunts, time pressured puzzles, obstacle courses and so on. Luckily enough though, for the more adventurous souls, certain training outfits like Cebu Team building Facilitators Network, we let you experience the extreme in terms of feelings and play-based activities.  

Henry Hotel team building event in Lilo-an Cebu Philippines
Henry Hotel staff chose a remote mountain resort in Lilo-an, Cebu, Philippines for their team building venue

By extreme we literally mean to say to get people out of their comfort zones. In these modern times, we are so used to having the luxury of technology making our lives so much easier we sometimes forget what it’s really like to work for the things that matter. Talk to a friend? Facebook, Skype, cellphones. Need to get somewhere fast? Cars, elevators, planes. Because of this, our settings would be mostly, if not completely, all natural. We want our participants to feel like they’re somehow going back to their primitive roots wherein workings for the necessities in life are actually tangible. And by tangible we mean a real connection between the natural resources we have and the people around us.

Henry Hotel team building event in Lilo-an Cebu Philippines
Henry Hotel staff disconnects to reconnect
These exercises are designed to build team spirit and courage in one’s fears or doubts whilst putting their decision-making skills to practice by placing them in physically and emotionally demanding activities like Armageddon, Pipeline, or even an inflatable course. Coupled with a deep debriefing with our facilitators, Cebu Team Building Facilitators Network will definitely fill you up with both emotional and physical fulfillment.

Henry Hotel team building event in Lilo-an Cebu Philippines
Henry Hotel's team building event was a much-needed getaway

Senen's Mountain Resort in Liloan is a perfect for getting away from it all. The place is surrounded by mother nature and is the ideal spot for having a
team building event. Henry Hotel, one of the coolest hotels in Cebu City recently had their team building program with 2 batches of 15 people each at Senen's Mountain Resort last May 9 – 10, 2017.
It is rare for these people to “unplug” from technology, that’s why they chose this spot to DISCONNECT TO RECONNECT with themselves. In these exceptional moments, they get to have fun, enojy with their colleagues, learn a lot about themselves and also build a stronger team.

This article was contributed by CTFN affiliate Lorenzo Jose Cahig who was the main facilitator for The Henry Hotel team building event last 9-10 May 2017 at the Senen's Mountain Resort in Lilo-an, Cebu, Philippines.

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