Team Building Activity: Mirrors

Mirrors  is among the favorite activities CTFN uses to break the ice during the start of its programs. It’s simple and effective in “breaking the ice” within the group. Either at the start of the training program or right after breaks, Mirrors will surely bring up the mood of the crowd.


Nothing really but upbeat music would help.

Number of participants:

2 to 1,000 perhaps . Since this will be done in pairs, an even number is required


Find a pair and have fun playing with your pair by following the instructions given!

mirrors team building activity
RDT Industrial Sales and Services, 2016


  1. Find a pair.
  2. Decide who is person A and Person B.
  3. Person A will place her/his palm a few inches in front of Person B’s face. Yes, just like facing a mirror.
  4. Once the music starts person A’s can move their hands anywhere they want to.
  5. Person B will have to follow and maintain distance between their face and their partner’s palm until the music stops.
  6. Change roles.

Mirrors is mostly used as an icebreaker. Here are some questions that can help evaluate the team’s experience.
  1. How do you feel after the activity?
  2. How do you feel towards your partner after the activity? Towards the crowd?

There are more fun and learning-inducing activities waiting for you and your team here at Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network! Shoot us an email at

  • The instructions for this activity was recreated by the Learning and Development Division of the Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network . Led by Philipp Chen Tan, other members of the division are Kevin Johnrey Sosas, Paulo Frangelyco Magallon, and Marc Julius Rizada.
  • CTFN does not claim ownership of this activity. For a list of references used to recreate activity instructions, please visit our Directory of Activities page.

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