CTFN Rocks Asia Inspection Team Building Event in Cordova, Cebu, Philippines

Quality Assurance, it is the delivery of top notch service that exemplifies near-perfect capabilities for clients. Last April 29, 2017 Asia Inspection, one of the top Quality Assurance offices in South East Asia had a team building event at the Alta Cebu Village Garden Resort in Cordova, Cebu, Philippines.

It was handled by the Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network. We had a few bumps with the resort, however, even if the management wasn’t able to compensate for it there were other perks given to us by Alta Resort, like the free use of the giant inflatable course. We definitively took advantage of it and included it in our line-up of team building activities.  

Asia Inspection Team Building Event in Cordova Cebu Philippines
CTFN with the amazing people from Asia Inspection

There will always be challenges when it comes to handling participants and building rapport. My forte would be dealing with customers and making sure they are being accommodated, as for the participants for the team building event with Asia Inspection, the challenge wasn’t just with the venue, it was with the colorful and highly pleasurable personalities that made them unique and exceptional to begin with.

The employees of Asia Inspection were quite excited to have their team building event with us, too excited that even before the event started they were already engaging in spirits to heighten their mood and to make sure they enjoy the day’s series of activities. With high spirits and their jovial demeanor, we started out the day’s events with grouping them into different teams.

Asia Inspection Team Building Event in Cordova Cebu Philippines
Ball ring was one of the activities done for Asia Inspection
They specifically requested that the team line-up should consist of people from different departments because the main goal of this event was to make sure that they get to bond and share a memorable experience with other people from other departments.

Asia Inspection Team Building Event in Cordova Cebu Philippines
Asia Inspection having fun with the modified pipeline activity

A series of activities were in-store for
Asia Inspection during the afternoon, all four activities were done simultaneously all throughout the resort and I am quite positive that Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network was able to achieve more than just their expectations as team building facilitators.

Asia Inspection Team Building Event in Cordova Cebu Philippines
Asia Inspection took to the pool for Moon Ball

Note: This piece was written by CTFN affiliate Lorenzo Jose Cahig who was part of the facilitating team for the Asia Inspection team building event. Other CTFN affiliates present were Philipp Chen Tan and Christopher Douglas Avila..

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