Team Building Activity: World Records

World Records is a fun Getting-to-know-you activity even newbie facilitators can conduct. The best part of this activity is you only need to prepare a timer. By the time you are done conducting World Records, the participants will have known a great deal about each other.

Here are what you need to know to conduct World Records:

Number of participants:

10- 50 people, higher numbers tend to be harder to control




Beat your team’s “World Records”. Arrange yourself in a circle according to the assigned criteria (e.g. height, age, shoe size)


  1. The facilitator will choose a criteria for the participants to arrange themselves to (Recommended: Birthday, Birthplace, Names)
  2. You have to arrange yourself in ascending order from the facilitator’s left side to his right. If the facilitator says, “Group yourselves according to your first name”, you have to position yourself accordingly.
  3. Once all participants are in place, the persons to the facilitator’s left has to declare their name (or whichever criteria) one by one and in order eg. Apple, Alanah, Beth, Brad, and so on.
  4. Once all are done declaring, the last person has to say “Done!” Then the facilitator will press the timer’s stop button.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 again with a different criteria. Do your best so you can beat your team’s “World Records”.

You may create as many criteria as you want for the World Records activity. Other fun criteria the participants can follow are: number of jobs, serious relationships, or the first name of their crush. What matters most is for the participants to get to know each other more in a fun and engaging way.

I hope you found this guide helpful in conducting the World Records activity. Enjoy!

  • The instructions for this activity was recreated by the Learning and Development Division of the Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network. Led by Philipp Chen Tan, other members of the division are Kevin Johnrey Sosas, Paulo Frangelyco Magallon, and Marc Julius Rizada.
  • CTFN does not claim ownership of this activity. For a list of references used to recreate activity instructions, please visit our Directory of Activities page.

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