Team Building Activity: Porcupine

The Porcupine activity challenges the team’s strategic planning at the same time its communication.

This activity might be simple to look at but once you take the challenge, you will understand how important it is to share ideas within the team.


Nails (15-20 pieces)
Block of wood (A nail is embedded vertically on top)
porcupine team building activity
Materials needed for porcupine team building activity

Number of Participants

10-15 participants


Allow the nails to hang on top of the embedded nail without touching the ground.


  1. Use only the nails given, no other materials is allowed.
  2. Allow the nails to hang on top for 10 seconds to accomplish the task
  3. Once the nails fall out or any participant touches it while the counting is on-going, the activity will restart.

Here are some follow-up questions to further facilitate the participants’ learning:

  1. How did you come up with a strategy?
  2. Did your strategy work? What did your team do when it doesn’t work?
  3. How did your team manage everyone’s ideas?
  4. From this activity how can you assess your team’s communication strategies? How does it reflect in the workplace?

  • The instructions for this activity was recreated by the Learning and Development Division of the Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network . Led by Philipp Chen Tan, other members of the division are Lorenzo Kevin Johnrey Sosas, Paulo Frangelyco Magallon, and Marc Julius Rizada.
  • CTFN does not claim ownership of this activity. For a list of references used to recreate activity instructions, please visit our Directory of Activities page.

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