Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network Facilitate Budget Office of Cebu City’s Team Building Seminar

Accuracy and speed are qualities that any government office should have. More so if that office handles Cebu’s budget planning, which is involved in all of the departments’ budget documents.

On December 2-3, 2016, the City Budget Office of Cebu City had their team building seminar in Montebello Villa Hotel in Banilad, Cebu City, Philippines. It was an occasion filled with fun, laughter, and reflection as well. Lorenzo Cahig, an affiliate of CTFN, facilitated the event with Philipp Chen Tan and two interns.

The program started in the afternoon with an outdoor “Pipeline” activity. The city's budget officers were tasked to roll a ball to a certain point through the use of their hands only. After successfully completing the challenge, the officers lined up inside for their well deserved snacks.

They later performed another outdoor challenge as team called the Amoeba Walk. Sticking their bodies together, the city's budget officers took the challenge of walking towards a specific location. What made it more challenging was that they weren’t allowed to break the tissue paper wrapped around them! Determined as they were, they quickly finished the task.

Cebu City Budget Office Team Building 2016
Cebu City Budget Office personnel do the amoeba walk

The group gathered up inside to cool up from the intimate experience of compressing together. They performed another activity called Beeping Squares. With the correct sequence, they had to walk through the rectangle of tiles. When a person stepped on the wrong tile, they would receive a loud whistle from one of their teammates.

To start out the second day, Lorenzo led a short tai chi session with the city's budget officers. It was aimed to calm and relax, but it ended with a pleasant surprise.

The next activity called Armageddon or moon ball was conducted in the pool area. It certainly was a wet and wild experience, as the officers bounced the beach ball repeatedly in the air. Their task was to keep the ball from falling on the water, with the use of their fists only.

Cebu City Budget Office Team Building 2016
Moon ball

Afterwards, they had a short “fencing” icebreaker by partners followed by the Blind Polygon activity. With eyes and mouths shut, the officers were tasked to pick rope from the floor and form a shape with it. Only one person was allowed to open her eyes. They successfully finished the activity before the announced time requirement.

Overall, the team building was a success. The officers had fun, further developed camaraderie , and discussed important topics in an encouraging environment.

Note: This article was written by CTFN affiliate Philipp Chen Tan who was the lead facilitator for the team building event for the Cebu City Budget Office.

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