Basic Customer Service Training for BP Waterworks Inc.

Providing Customer Service remains one of the top priorities in every organization today. Excellent customer service has increasingly become that single indicator that sets companies apart, and divides good companies from great companies. As such, customer service will always remain as one of the key ingredients for organizational growth.

BP Waterworks Inc. had their Basic Customer Service Training last November 11, 2016. Conducted by the Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network, the company’s objective was to let its employees understand the importance of Customer Service, how it can make or break the company’s reputation towards its clients and how it can affect the organization’s bottom line.

BP Waterworks is a private water system company that provides various water services for its clients. Similar to Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD), but privately owned, they provide their clients with water sources, installation of equipment that provide clean and potable water, maintenance of water supplies and many more.  

Basic customer service training for BP Waterworks in Cebu City Philippines
BP Waterworks

The training was conducted at their very own BP Waterworks office located at Room 303, Machay Building, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City. The training started when the Facilitators handed out questionnaire for them to answer. The results for the questionnaires will be used in the training ahead. Some of the questions were also translated into Visayan language in order for the participants to better understand the items and to provide a better answer. Immediately after answer the questionnaire, a short Getting-to-Know-You Activities were being done. A lecture on the Basics of Customer Service was then thoroughly discussed and how it affected the company’s overall impression with its clients.

Gaps Model of Service Quality

The lecture was then supplemented by a short discussion about the Gaps Model of Service Quality. This model presents the different service gaps every organization will face. This gave the participants insight that customer service is not limited to direct interaction with the customer but also with expectations set by customers with how their organization provide their service. The lecture was immediately followed by an outline on the characteristics of a good customer service and the skills needed in order to promote good customer service.

Basic customer service training for BP Waterworks in Cebu City Philippines
Modified pipeline activity

After lunch break, an activity about Communication was then done to test the participants learning on the feed backing skills. The goal of the activity was to completely pass the message from one person to another in exact order. This is especially effective when dealing with customers with several demands. A lecture on Expressive Sending and Empathic Responding was then introduced following the communication activity where the participants learned the different kinds of responding and how to utilize expressive sending in their dealings with their clients.

DISC Model of Personality

The results of the questionnaire was then discussed. A discussion on the DISC Model of Personality was discussed and how each personality has certain customer service applications. The DISC Model talks about how each personality has a different way of providing customer service towards clients. The lecture was synthesized with a short yet effective acronym about Customer Service – START with HEART. A final activity was then done to integrate all the lectures and activities into one cohesive whole. The training ended with the giving of certificates to the participants as well as having one group photo with the facilitators.

Customer Service remain to be one of the important ingredients for organizational success plus with the fact that customers nowadays are willing to pay more for a better experience. Like a saying by Tony Allessandra, “Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game but not winning it. Having the best customer service always wins the game.”

Basic customer service training for BP Waterworks in Cebu City Philippines
Group photo with facilitators

This article is written by Christopher Douglas Avila, an affiliate facilitator of the Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network. He was the Main facilitator along with 1 assisting facilitator in the Basic Customer Service Training for BP Waterworks, Inc. held at BP Waterworks office, Room 303, Machay Building last November 11, 2016.

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