Leadership Enhancement Activities with JPPha-Pi Chapter

Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network conducts training for various clients. Besides private corporations and government organizations, we also service student bodies. Recently was with the Junior Philippine Pharmacists Association - Pi Chapter of the University of San Carlos in Cebu.

On June 2016, just when the classes were marching anew and projects are yet to blossom in the garden, Yenna Deliman, a senior year pharmaceutical student, contacted us via our Facebook page. After moments of correspondence, we agreed on a Leadership Enhancement Workshop for the twelve officers of the JPPha-Pi, conducted last July 6. Thus, here are some of the Leadership Enhancement Activities that energized on the roof-deck of Lot8 Condominium in Kasambagan, Mabolo, Cebu City.

Junior Philippine Pharmacists Association JPPha Pi Chapter University of San Carlos team building 2016
Junior Philippine Pharmacists Association (JPPha) -Pi Chapter (University of San Carlos)

Grand Theft Auto

A getting-to-know-you activity; designed to motivate the participants to share little facts about themselves. The more they play it, the more they get to discover each other. However, in this workshop, since I was the only stranger in that deck (everyone of the participants knew each other for years), I used the activity as a tool in extracting their expectations from the workshop. This allowed me to collect their insights without having to appear inquisitive. As Albert Einstein said, “Play is the highest form of research...” and I say play is the fastest cure for stage fright.

The mechanics of this game is simple: the students are called into a circle and positioned shoulder to shoulder, the facilitator then gave two candy balls to two people who stood one person apart to give the balls some distance from each other. As the I blew the whistle, the students rotated the balls clockwise fast---as if in a chase---until one ball catches up with the other. Whoever holds two balls in her hand is It.

Wheel of Life Workshop

This activity is a portion of the Self-Awareness Module that we incorporate in our trainings as much as possible. “Self-awareness leads to self-enhancement” is one of Thadz’s philosophy. The Wheel of Life workshop, however, originates from earlier developmental psychologists and is referenced in many organizational development websites like Mindtools. The mechanics are as follows: Participant were asked to draw a circle filling the whole frame of a short-sized bond-paper. They are then to divide the circles into eight slices. They would then label those slices with “life areas” that are important to their happiness (e.g., school, family, friends, lovers, Instagram, etc.) and then shade each area according to how fulfilled they felt about it presently. The usual outcome is often disequilibrium, “...and when the spokes of your wheel are imbalanced, your life is a bumpy ride.”

Doktor Wak-wak

Anyone who have had a childhood in streets of Cebu are sure to have played this game sometime. In the workshop for JPPha-Pi, this activity belonged to the Leadership Enhancement Module. If you can recall how it plays, you’d realize that the fastest way to untangle the “human knot” is when a leader arises from the chaos and commands order.

The Inside-Out

Using an outdoor webbing knotted into a loop, the students are instructed to slip inside by going underneath the webbing “without using their hands, arms, or shoulders” and then, with the same restrictions, slip outside. This still falls under leadership enhancement but with emphasis on one’s ability to communicate skillfully (e.g., giving instructions) as well as one’s keenness in verifying directives. I won’t attempt to define leadership here, but if it was anything for JPPha-Pi, it’s largely about skillful communication. Presumably, this exercise--and its timing--went fittingly, and will do so too with any organization driven by several projects throughout the year.

Let’s skip right through to the climactic.

I ended workshop with an integrative activity called One, Two, Three Up. Here, the JPPha-Pi officers learned that, in the end, obstacles become easy once they work as a team.
Any unit, group, organization, division, race, nation, or planet will do well to abide this truth.

Note: This article is written by CTFN team development consultant Nathaniel John Arong who was the main facilitator for the JPPha-Pi leadership and team building event.

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