Five Team Building Activities that We Did for FMIDC

It was a sunny morning and the weather was encouraging. The sun painted a smile in every man and woman who had time enough to go out and admire its presence. Yes, indeed! It was an awesome day for some experiential learning!

First Multitech Industrial Development Corporation or FMIDC is a telecommunications technology company in Cebu and the Visayas contracted by telecom providers to engineer the physical connectivity of lines so the consumers can receive signal from whichever provider they’re acquiring. In short, these guys are hired by your landline or internet provider to take care of the hard wiring for them.

FMIDC team building activities 2016 in Cebu Philippines
First Multitech Industrial Development Corporation (FMIDC)

My team and I were met with their excited faces once we arrived at Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort in San Fernando, Cebu, Philippines. After introducing ourselves and the day’s program, we set the stage going without further delay. Here are the 5 team building activities that we designed and implemented specifically for FMIDC, according to their training needs and objectives:

FMIDC team building activities 2016 in Cebu Philippines
FMIDC staff do the tai chi

The World Record

In this activity, the participants are told to arrange themselves in a circle according to a category that
the facilitator would call out. They would have to accomplish this with the shortest time possible. For
example, arrange alphabetically according to name. In this manner, the participants who came from
different islands in the Visayas and had only seen each other for the first time were fondly introduced.
I called for more categories then, each one getting deeper as they get to know each other more. An
absolutely fun activity that involves running and yelling and often results to fits laughter among

Cheer Yell Presentation

We asked them to divide themselves into three different sub-team. Each sub-team is instructed to
create a team name that represents them, and then a team cheer or yell to present in front of everyone
in a kind of Showtime style performance. This activity allows the participants to be immersed with
their teammates, and, of course, encourage healthy competition among teams.

The Helium Ring

The teams are called to huddle and are instructed to position their index fingers in an outward pointing gesture, a lightweight ring is placed to rest above the fingers. The challenge is for each team to bring the helium ring down to the floor while all the time, only the index fingers are allowed to touch. In this team building activity, the participants will find that the helium ring will live up to its name and surprised as it will start to float up!

FMIDC team building activities 2016 in Cebu Philippines
FMIDC staff do the helium ring

The Moon Ball

A water activity. The challenge is for the beach ball to stay in the sky as long as possible by having
each member of the team tap it with their palms. If the ball falls into the water, your team loses.
Sounds easy? Oh, but there’s a catch--you are not allowed to double tap! The moon ball activity
pushes each member of the team to communicate and coordinate with each other in an exciting way.

The Warp Speed

The last activity of the day. By this time the participants would already be physically exhausted with
all the running, jumping, and screaming. So before I wrapped things up for this awesome team, how
about an activity that challenges the mind instead? An activity for strategy and creativity, Warp Speed
forces you to thing outside the box as you find ways to rotate the ping-pong ball among each member
of the team in the least time possible.

As far as team buildings go, these five team building activities surely made their way into the hearts of the incredible people of FMIDC.

Here's a summary video of the
FMIDC team building activity:

Note: This article is written by CTFN team development consultant Nathaniel John Arong who was the main facilitator for the FMIDC team building activity.

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