Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network Facilitates the City Legal Office’s Team Building Event

Providing efficient and adequate legal assistance is one of the many responsibilities bestowed upon the City Legal Office of Cebu City. On November 4-5, the Cebu City Legal Office had their team building seminar in Montebello Garden Villa Hotel. The team building workshop was led by Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network affiliate Philipp Chen Tan, and was assisted by affiliate Ma Thesa Lusica and two interns.

Cebu City Legal Office Team Building 2016
Philipp Chen Tan was lead facilitator for the Cebu City Legal Office Team Building 2016

Team Building Activities

The training started out with a short getting-to-know-you activity called Human Bingo. Since they usually work on their cases separately, they were given a chance to get to know their peers better. They were tasked to look for people in the group that had crushes on Piolo (Pascual), eats balot, and many more.

Cebu City Legal Office Team Building 2016
Cebu City Legal Office staff do the human bingo activity

Afterwards, the Legal Officers were divided to three groups for the Ball Game activity. Each group was tasked to throw balls among one another. Every member had to receive the ball though, which made the task a bit more challenging. The activity made clear that “Everyone has a function in the team”, whether it be in a team building event or the office.

The Legal Officers soon had their next activity of Minefield and the Cheerleader. During Minefield, they participants went through tiles cluttered with plastic obstacles. They were instructed to close their eyes and trust completely on their partner’s instructions.

In the Cheerleader activity, the team’s trust and communication skills were further stressed. Chosen representatives were asked to look at a group portrait and arrange their team according to what was seen. The rest of the group had to stay still and follow the pose they were given.

Cebu City Legal Office Team Building 2016
Cebu City Legal Office staff enjoy the cheerleader activity
On the second day of the event, the team underwent the Blind Polygon activity to see their underlying leadership dynamics. With eyes closed, they were challenged to form a different shapes out of the rope they were given. Furthermore, only one “leader” was permitted to communicate with the other members of the team. Even with limited communication, the team successfully formed shapes spanning from a simple square to even an octagon!

Situational Leadership

Philipp gave a brief lecture of the “Situational Leadership Model” to the Legal Officers. The model was created by the industrial psychologist Hershey Blanchard, to provide appropriate leadership styles in any given situation.

In summary, the two-day team building event of the Cebu City Legal Office was a blend of fun activities and insightful reflection.  

Note: This article was written by CTFN affiliate Philipp Chen Tan who was the lead facilitator for this event.

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