Wayback Wednesday: CTFN Does Teambuilding Workshop for Ayala Land Team in Cebu City

Back in July 2014, a team manager from an Ayala Land division in Cebu City called up Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network founder Thadz Engaling to ask for help in motivating her sales team and reinforce professional ethics within the team.

Without much hesitation, CTFN made its services available to the event held at the Mountainview Nature Park in Cebu City. Thadz and Paulo Frangelyco Magallon conducted the program where 10 sales professionals attended the event. Three major topics were covered in the event with professional ethics tied in to all of them.

Ayala Land sales unit team building 2014 in Cebu City Philippines

Communication and Perception Management for Ayala Land Sales Team

The first major topic covered was about communication, how messages are perceived, the importance of two-way feedback, and the role that emotions can play in communication. The activity employed to demonstrate differences people have in perceiving communication was Inside Out, an activity borrowed from Jim Cain's and Tom Smith's Raccoon Circles.

Ayala Land sales unit team building 2014 in Cebu City Philippines
Inside Out


Much conflict can be avoided when people practice sensitivity toward others. This was the second major topic covered for the Ayala Land Cebu sales unit. Team members' sensitivity was tested during a lunch activity called the Monks' Meal wherein they can only eat food that is given to them and cannot take food for themselves.

Achievement Motivation

The afternoon of the 1-day team building session was dedicated to achievement motivation, that is finding more motivation to achieve more than what one has accomplished, to do more beyond what one is asked for, and to spur creativity to enable one to succeed beyond one's perceived limitations. Warp speed or ball game was the activity utilized for this topic and a review of sales targets was done before the culmination of the program.

Ayala Land sales unit team building 2014 in Cebu City Philippines
Ayala Land Cebu discusses targets

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