Throwback Thursday: 2014 Team Building Event for TB-Free Philippines Central Visayas

While many government offices in the Philippines are much maligned for being too corrupt or insensitive to the needs of those they serve, this is not without basis. It is true that corruption is rampant in the Philippine government and many of those who are in public service are just not into serving the people. Every now and then, we do find exceptions.

TB-Free Philippines

In many areas of the world, Filipino medical professionals are looked up to as one of the best. The vast opportunities for Filipino medical professionals abroad has seen many of these professionals grab them and leave the Philippines contributing to a massive brain drain. There are a few who chose to stay and I met some of them during a team building program conducted by Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network for Central Visayas group of TB-Free Philippines sponsored by the Philippine Business for Social Progress.

TB-free Philippines Region 7 team building 2014 at Catmon Cebu
TB-free Philippines Central Visayas Team Building Seminar 2014

TB-Free Philippines is a government-backed, NGO-funded consortium who has the unenviable task of making the Philippines tuberculosis-free. The December 2014 held at the Agua Villa in Catmon, Cebu, Philippines was attended mostly by staff from Eversley Child Sanitarium, Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, Department of Health but also had participants coming from as far as Bohol. Participants were medical doctors, nurses, and even social workers and support staff. CTFN facilitators present were Thadz Engaling, Nathaniel John Arong, Lenbi Laborte, and Kirk Patrick Castro.

TB-free Philippines Region 7 team building 2014 at Catmon Cebu
TB-free Philippines Central Visayas Team Building Seminar 2014

The group's biggest challenge was communicating with each other since they don't usually meet regularly as they are spread across different government agencies. Another issue addressed in the training was the continued motivation and optimism to achieve their goals and the vision of a tuberculosis-free Philippines by the year 2020.

Rare occasions like this team building event is a great opportunity for TB-free Philippines players to get together, agree on program ideas, settle differences, and resolve concerns that they otherwise won't be able to in the course of their daily occupation.

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