5 Experiential Learning Activities Ng Khai Corporation and Lenovo Philippines Went Through

It was a joyous day of experiential learning on 26 August 2017. Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network did a team building program for the sales team of Ng Khai Development Corporation and Lenovo Philippines on that day. It was in awesome collaboration with Beyond Events Production Management. The Alta Cebu Village Garden Resort and Convention Center provided the dynamic venue for the workshop to take place.

It was a short afternoon program. The program started at 4 p.m. It was done right after the team’s presentations at the function room of the resort. Despite the little time we had, we pulled off a tremendously meaningful team building event. These were the experiential activities we employed:

1. Warm-up Exercise

First, we did some stretching and energizers. We did this to prepare the team for the activities to follow. It also helped refocus their mental and physical energy toward outdoor play. They just had a long sit-down meeting for a whole day. We taught them some tai chi.

warm-up exercise
Warm-up exercise

2. Sociometric Questions

Participants experienced being “one with the self” through meditation and self-awareness. This self-introspection was guided by the basic philosophy of ancient Tai Chi. It prepared the participants to continue their awareness toward others. They had fun discovering their colleagues better. They did this by answering socio-statistical questions using their bodies. “Line-up according to shoe size--smallest to biggest---go!” This activity is also known as World Records.

getting to know activity
Comparing shoe sizes

3. The Awesome Threesome

The venue provided an opportunity to be innovative. We fused the activities Punctured Barrel, Pipeline, and Toxic Basket into a “Triathlon”. Participants are to move a ball from one place to another without touching it. The purpose of this activity was to show that in order to make things move, one has to be creative. Creativity addresses challenges in a rigid work environment. Where obsolete systems offer little room for growth, innovation is important. And it doesn’t end there. You have to follow through with commitment and perseverance. One must labor from trial after trial, until one triumphs!

punctured barrel
Punctured barrel


toxic basket
Toxic basket

4. The Armageddon

You don’t wanna miss a thing during this activity. Like all the things we play, we don’t simply give out instructions at the start. Instead, we tell stories. The story goes that the moon had developed a habit of going with gravity and falling into the water. Unless these mighty pool titans make one hundred taps within 10 minutes, the world as we know it will come to an end. The participants learned that communication is key to effective delegation of tasks. Effective communication makes it possible for coherence to exist among individuals in a team. This activity is also known as Moon Ball.


5. The Friendship Circle

Everyone had a chance to share their thoughts. They all had fun exchanging newly generated ideas and solutions. There were satori moments that occurred while reflecting in the experiences. After the program, everybody looked at each other with a deeper sense of fellowship. They are bonded by shared hardships. This bond is reinforced by smiles and positive affirmation of effort toward a single objective: to succeed in every challenge as one team. It was then easy to ask that they embrace. That ends the workshop beautifully.  

friendship circle
Friendship circle

Note: This article was written by Nathaniel John Arong. He was main facilitator for the event. Ably assisting him for this program was Glenda Manzo.

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