CTFN Facilitators Handle QBE Team Building Event

IT WAS A WARM AND BREEZY MORNING when the CTFN facilitators arrived at La Solea Resort. Nathaniel Arong and his co-facilitators, Nicolo Nasol and Kriza Rule, made up the CTFN team for that day. Waiting for them were the QBE team, who are still shaking off their sleepiness. Some of them just got out from the office and went directly to the event.

Breaking the Ice on a Sleepy Morning

Not too long, it was then time to start the long day. Nathaniel took the lead and called for the still-sleepy participants, with such thundering vitality that the QBE participants jumped out of their chairs and went with him under the 9 o’clock sun.

To break the ice of sleepiness, Nathaniel taught the QBE team a bit of his Tai Chi Mastery. He was perfect for this icebreaker since he indeed looked Chinese, or at least Korean. With a serious yet calm tone, he asked the QBE to follow after his choreography. Breathe in, slowly, then breathe out, accompanied with specific movements. Then Nathaniel delivered the punchline that made the QBE team burst in laughter under the morning sun. Blasted also with some Ed Sheeran upbeat music from the speakers, care of Nicolo, the assigned soundman. Kriza assisted with the documentation.  

Tai chi icebreaker
Tai chi icebreaker

Once it was clear that the QBE team’s awake already, things were set in motion. What followed was a series of activities, which were aimed at creating more familiarity with colleagues, camaraderie, sensitivity, and team dynamics awareness. All these toward lunchtime.   

On Team Awareness (Johari’s Window)

After the World Records, Team Cheer Presentation, and Helium Ring activities, there was enough time before lunch for Nathaniel to discuss Johari’s Window. Facilitated by Nicolo, the Helium Ring activity did well to challenge the QBE team, which were made into 3 subgroups.

Helium ring
Helium ring activity

There were shouting and yelling from all corners of the team during the activity. All the teams weren’t quite successful, and this was great material for the group processing and lecture. Nathaniel discussed to the QBE team the Johari’s Window and Team Dynamics. The points brought up during the lecture proved evident during the afternoon activities. 

The Afternoon Carousel of Activities

Nathaniel gave a brief icebreaker to prepare the QBE team for the carousel of activities, which were Moon Ball, Inside Out, and then Hover Board. The stations of were spread around the resort.

Hover boards
Hover boards

Inside Out
Inside Out

The sun beat down happily on everyone and made it a challenge to find a good-enough shade from the heat. But luckily, the winds were strong and cold that sunny afternoon, which provided brief respite during the activities.

The subgroups processing was surprisingly in depth, taking into account what they had learned from the morning’s activities and discussion. The QBE team mentioned about listening and not talking at the same time and knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They also talked about how they should move as one team, one step at a time. 

Closing the Day Beautifully 

After a 15-minute water break, Nathaniel gathered the QBE team to form a circle and facilitated a group massage. Then he discussed with the group what happened throughout the day, what they had learned.

Then he narrated about the power of touch and connection and that that also extended to the environment. He asked everyone to take off their shoes and slippers, and to just feel the grass with their tired feet and let the energy of the earth course through them. They QBE team found it so relaxing that it made them smile as if it was something they never did for a long time.

Nathaniel soon closed the activity by encouraging everyone to connect with one another by way of hugs and gestures, no talking. The QBE team, happy and connected with each other, hugged one another and despite being encouraged not to speak, some team members said their thanks and appreciate. Many of them even approached us facilitators, said thank you, and shook our hands.

Note: This article  was written by Nicolo Nasol. Nicolo was co-facilitator during the QBE team building program at Solea Resort in Cordova, Cebu, Philippines last 13 January 2018.

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