CTFN across the Visayas: Teambuilding with MonetizeMore in Bacolod

Finally, it’s the middle of March. The season is getting hotter and drier. Just perfect for outdoor activities! Since summer is getting closer, things are getting busier for our team. They’ll be conducting seminars not only around Cebu but also around the Visayan islands! Just a week ago, the CTFN team had two seminars outside Cebu, as if officially kicking off the sunny season.
CTFN facilitators in Bacolod
CTFN facilitators in Bacolod

The first one was held in Nature’s Village Resort, Bacolod, with MonetizeMore. It’s a company dedicated to offering excellent Virtual Assistance in ads optimization. And here’s a fun fact: the company has no physical office since they’re made of virtual assistants. That means the team building would be interesting and challenging to both facilitators and participants.

The team arrived in the venue a day before the seminar, which was scheduled on March 15, 2017. Despite the long and bumpy bus ride, the team, led by Nathaniel Arong, was perfectly ready. They all immediately set up the stations for the scavenger hunt activity the next day.

There were six stations scattered across the large venue. There were some nice shades of trees and huts wherein the team put up the stations: 1) Helium Ring, 2) Moon Ball, 3) Punctured Barrel, 4) Pipeline, 5) Toxic Waste, and 6) Electric Fence.  Handling each station were Nicolo Nasol, Monmon Opolentisima, Leslie ManoriƱa, Paulo Magallon, Marc Julius Rizada, and Rayjill Scarlet Llenes.
Monetize More pipeline team building activity
Monetize More electric fence team building activity
Electric Fence

MonetizeMore toxic waste team building activity
Toxic Waste

MonetizeMore moon ball Team Building activity in Bacolod
Moon Ball

Around 80 participants arrived the next day, all brimming with great energy and excitement. And that was despite going out in the middle of the week. It was still Thursday, by the way. There were more than ten foreigners among the participants. There were Greeks, Indians, and Americans, which made the GTKY activities curious and remarkable. Nathaniel, the lead, was superb in improvising the first activities to cater to the cultural differences of the participants.    
Following the World Records activity, the participants were grouped into six and assigned to devise a creative Group Cheer corresponding to their given color. One of them even named their group “Purple Rain,” which was a song by Prince. Their presentations blasted the function room, setting the intensity for the Scavenger Hunt scheduled after lunch.

MonetizeMore Team Building in Bacolod
A group doing their cheer

Throughout the warm afternoon, the groups have commented on how challenging and fun the activities were. However, they were all focused and competitive and managed to perform well. In the six stations, they gave it their all and enjoyed the challenges.  

The big group debriefing was in-depth and long. Fueled by the previous activities. The participants freely shared their insights with the group. They talked about effective communication and trust and on knowing their teammates better among many other topics.
Culminating the seminar beautifully was a commitment art activity. Armed with paints, the MonetizeMore group marked the canvas with high fives smeared with paint.
MonetizeMore commitment art Team Building activity in Bacolod
Commitment Art

This article was written by Nicolo Nasol. He was a co-facilitator for this program.

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