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December is usually the month for Christmas parties and exchanging gifts. Speaking of gifts, CTFN got an
unexpected blessing. The team were to facilitate a team building program for San Miguel Foods Inc.’s
employees. The program was for the Quality Control department. Pacific Cebu Resort in Mactan, Lapulapu City
was the chosen venue. Team building events are usually done on summer months. CTFN facilitators led by
Chris Avila were but happy to facilitate one in December. Chris was assisted by Jeres Soledad, Andrew Kagakit,
Leslie ManoriƱa and Quennie Paring.
SMFI QC Supervisor Rhea Castro greeted the facilitators upon arrival. She also helped them in setting up the venue. After a few minutes, the rest of the participants arrived. The team rarely go through a team building program. Speaking of rarity, Andrew started off with an icebreaker to energize the atmosphere. Andrew introduced himself as a tai chi practitioner. He demonstrated some tai chi moves for the participants to follow. Unknown to
participants who were seriously following all the moves, it was a simple dance action for a nursery rhyme.
The activity brought much laughter and surprise to everyone. As a crowd control mechanism, whenever any
of the facilitators shout “San Miguel Purefoods”, everyone must reply with “Champion!”

Ice breaker
Ice breaker

Riding the high energy, Chris proceeded with the introduction of the facilitators and CTFN. He then solicited
expectations and established the five-finger rule. Since the QC team are from different areas in the Philippines, a getting-to-know activity was initiated. The World Record activity was facilitated by Quennie. Everyone must be able to arrange themselves into the category given (e.g. first letter of their first name) as fast as they can. The challenge is to beat the record in each category given with the targeted time set by group consensus. The energy went higher as everyone successfully beat their record. They were also given a chance to showcase their talents as each group presented their team yell.
It started to drizzle during the Helium Ring activity. The activity tested the patience of the participants as they
worked together with the challenge given. The task was to move the ring from the shoulder level of the
shortest person in the group to the knee level of the tallest member. A debrief followed. Participants expressed
their frustrations and how they overcame them during the whole activity.

Helium ring activity
Helium Ring

The last morning activity was the Blind Polygon. Each group were tasked to form shapes with a rope with their
eyes closed. After the debrief, Chris discussed the groups’ experiences and learning through a big group
discussion. The participants were able to connect the insights into real office scenarios. The insights the made
more practical sense.

Blind polygon
Blind Polygon

After lunch, the facilitators made use of the resort’s huge area. Human Pipeline was held at the beach. Each
group must be able to safely transfer a plastic and tennis ball from point A to point B using only the back of
their hands as "pipelines". Some finished in a short period of time. Some groups struggled to finish. Still,
everyone was enjoying and laughing throughout the activity.

Human pipeline
Human pipeline

As a climactic activity, each team was asked to do the “Everybody Up” dare. Everyone should be able to stand
at the same time without using their hands. As soon as each groups achieved the dare, the next challenge was
for everyone to stand up together as a team regardless of any group color. This showcased the participants’
ability to discuss and analyze the goal first before doing the activity. They were able to do the challenge in just
one try.
To end the seminar, candies that were distributed earlier in the morning came into play. The pink candies were
to be given to anyone whom the participants wish to know better. Yellow candies were meant to say
congratulations for a job well done throughout the whole seminar. The seminar ended with closing remarks
from SMFI QC Manager Errol Angeles and announcements from Miss Rhea.
To commemorate the fun team building program, you can watch it here:

Note: This article was written by CTFN facilitator Quennie Nikki Paring. She was an assisting facilitator for the SMFI QC team building program.

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