Why Team Building?: Re-norming

While getting a team to set norms can be an objective of a team building program, some teams might also need to revisit their agreed upon norms and assess whether they are still relevant or is there a need for re-norming. When teams get to the norming stage, it is not a guarantee that they will move to the performing stage. Upon careful study of Bruce Wayne Tuckman's theory on stages of group or team development, there exists a possibility that a team may even regress to the storming stage.

re-establishing norms

The Danger of Regressing Back to the Storming Stage

When a team is in danger of regressing from the norming stage back to the storming stage, a team building program can help address this decline. A team building program can help an organization by allowing them to reflect on their current team dynamics. Upon reflection, the team gets to decide whether to keep the norms they have previously set or create a new set of norms. Whatever the members of the organization decide on, the end result is a commitment to a set of norms, whether it is the old ones or a set of new ones.

Solidifying Organizational Norms

While most organizational norms are expected behaviors within an organization and are unwritten, it will be helpful for  a team or organization to institutionalize these unwritten norms so that these expected set of behaviors become clear and transparent to everyone within the organization. Putting norms into writing also lets the team avoid necessary conflicts arising from differing interpretation of unwritten norms in the future.

How Cebu Teambuilding Services Can Help

When you feel that your or your organization is staying too long at the norming stage and that work somehow becomes boring and routine, chances are your team is regressing into another storming stage. This is the best time for Cebu Teambuilding Services to come in and do a team building seminar focused on revisiting team or organizational norms and solicit the commitment of every team or organizational member into the team's direction.

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