Cebu Teambuilding Services Conducts Team Building and Leadership Training for Probag Cebu Exports Inc.

Line leaders of Probag Cebu Incorporated went through a team building and leadership training program at the Pado Beach Resort in Marigondon, Lapulapu City, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines on August 21, 2015. The lead facilitator for the team building and leadership training program was Thaddeau "Thadz" Engaling II, the managing consultant of Cebu Teambuilding Services. Thadz was ably assisted by Cebu Teambuilding Services interns and Facilitators' Circle batch 23 senior facilitators Van Kristine Basalo and Josel "Ting" Buanghug.

leadership training for Probag Cebu

Team Building and Leadership Training Focus for PCEI Line Leaders

Much of the training focused on helping line leaders of Probag Cebu Exports Incorporated to become aware of their team dynamics, their leadership styles, and how they relate to people, letting them understand the concepts of teamwork, situational leadership, trust,  cooperation, and interdependency, as well as allowing them to develop an organizational culture with great camaraderie, commitment to organizational goals, and people empowerment.

The day started with a few getting to know you activities such as the human pinball and worlds records. These activities allowed participants to share some information to their colleagues as well as mingle and interact with different colleagues as a way of building better camaraderie. 

leadership training for Probag Cebu

The rest of the morning session was dedicated to activities that focused on letting participants become aware that their individual actions have an effect on others, that the organization is an interdependent web of roles that people play. Also discussed in the morning session was the importance of knowing which leadership styles are most effective in different situations.

leadership training for Probag Cebu

The afternoon session was dedicated to challenge participants not to settle for the status quo, to break their perceived limitations, and to learn to motivate themselves not because of competition from outside but because of an internal desire to be better.

Result of Leadership Training and Team Building for PCEI Line Leaders

At the conclusion of the team building and leadership training conducted for line leaders of Probag Cebu Export Incorporated, participants collectively produced an art collage depicting their commitment to apply the learning and insights they gathered for the day towards making PCEI a better organization that produces good quality products and at the same time taking care of their people, their most important resource.

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