Why Team Building?: Avoiding Complacency

Team building programs are not just for teams to get to a high performance levels. Teams that are highly performing will also benefit from team building programs. While Bruce Wayne Tuckman's original theory on stages of group development focused on getting teams to a level of high performance(the Performing stage), he added in 1991 that high performing teams need to adjourn and that the stages of group development could actually be a cycle. Upon adjourning, teams again go through the process of forming, storming, norming, and performing, then adjourning. When teams get to the performing stage, that becomes their new status quo and similar to what happens when a team stays too long in the forming stage, people can also get bored staying too long in a status quo at the performing stage. This is because, even when the team is already performing well, there is always room for improvement, there will always be new challenges to face, there will always be bigger dreams to make, and there will always be greater goals to achieve.

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The Dorming Stage

Later scholars who studied Tuckman's theory also added that teams may possibly go to a dorming stage. Highly performing teams are vulnerable to complacency. They can choose to rest on their laurels, dwell on their past successes, and experience stagnation in their growth and development as individuals and as a team. It is important for teams to be aware of this pitfall so they can avoid it. Teams must embrace the fact that new challenges are to be expected and addressed so they cannot rest on past successes.

We have seen many examples of this phenomenon. One good example is the Gilas Pilipinas men's national basketball team that exceeded expectations when they had very competitive results playing in the 2014 FIBA World Cup of basketball in Spain after a 36-year absence. That Gilas team was surprisingly good that they gave world-ranked basketball powers Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Croatia some end game scares. However, when that same Gilas Pilipinas squad competed in the 2014 Asian Games in South Korea two weeks after their impressive World Cup stint, they were but a shade of the team we all saw in Spain. Eventually, they wound up in 7th place in the Asian Games, the lowest finish by a Philippine five in an Asian Games men's basketball tournament.

Team Building for High Performance Teams

High performance teams also need to go through team building programs not only because they need to perform better, but more so because they need to and want to maintain optimum performance for a long time and because they must guard against complacency.

Cebu Teambuilding Services has team building programs that challenges participants not to settle on their past successes and motivate them to step out of their now extended comfort zone to achieve more growth. These programs allow teas to reflect on their current status quo and creatively think of ways on how else they can improve as a team.

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