Memorable Monday: Fun and Challenging Experiences From YYKredit Accounting Staff Team Building in 2014

On 24 August 2014, Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network founder Thadz Engaling was engaged by the accounting staff of YYKredit, a small group of 11 amazing individuals who wanted nothing but to improve their team dynamics.

Everyone was like a sponge absorbing learning from the play-based activities employed. They also knew how to had fun and accepted challenges rather than be easily frustrated. So here's a photo diary that shows the fun and challenges in that team building event.

Massage Circle 

One of the lighter moments of the 2014 training was an icebreaker called massage circle. Everyone were standing behind someone in a circle. Each person was to massage the person in front of them. Then the process was reversed. There is something about massage that relaxes the mood and calms our nerves. It does the magic of easing tension and prepared participants to engage and focus on the activities that followed.

YYKredit Team Building 2014 in Cebu City Philippines
Massage circle

Helium Ring 

a favorite activity of CTFN facilitators is the helium ring. It brings enough frustration to get participants out of their comfort zones, yet at the same time it induces that Zeigarnik effect for them to badly want to figure out how to complete the task.

YYKredit Team Building 2014 in Cebu City Philippines
Helium ring

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Monks' Meal 

Monks' meal is a mealtime activity that appeals for each one to have sensitivity towards others.

YYKredit Team Building 2014 in Cebu City Philippines
Monk's meal

The Ball Game 

The ball game is also known among CTFN affiliates by various names such as octasonic juggle, team juggle, and warp speed. It is an activity that challenges training participants to challenge their self-perceived limitations.

YYKredit Team Building 2014 in Cebu City Philippines
The ball game
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Human Pinball 

Human pinball is a fun getting to know activity. It provides good old, friendly competition among colleagues. At the same time, it is a good activity to get participants engaged, active, and focused at the start of training.

YYKredit Team Building 2014 in Cebu City Philippines
Human pinball
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Popsicle Push-up 

The one activity that pushed the YYKredit accounting staff way beyond their comfort zone was the popsicle push-up. While they have laughed in most of the activities they went through, the popsicle push-up did not only test their will as individuals but there was genuine frustration as a team failing to clear the challenge for quite a time. But that only turned out good because the sense of fulfillment was ecstatic when they finally figured a way to succeed.

YYKredit Team Building 2014 in Cebu City Philippines
Popsicle push-up

Human Knot

In Cebuano play culture, we refer to the human knot activity as "Doctor Wakwak". While an effective learning exercise in communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, it readily brought out everyone's little kid inside as can be seen in the joy of the participants' faces.

YYKredit Team Building 2014 in Cebu City Philippines
Human knot
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