Team Building Activity: Newspaper Model

Some groups need to be shown that their self-imposed limitations limit their creativity, ability to solve problems, and chances at greater successes. Many times in the past, we have seen many individuals in the training programs we have facilitated that are quite surprised with what else they can do when they go out of their comfort zones and do a lot more than what they think they are capable of.

Newspaper Model as a Team Building Activity

One very effective learning exercise we do with groups to allow them to explore beyond self-imposed limitations in a fun and engaging way is the newspaper model. We get them into a make-believe world simulating a team task that produces a goldmine of metaphors and learning points to discuss in the debrief.

newspaper model team building activity
Sunpride employees show off their newspaper costumes

Newspaper model can also be a very cost-effective activity to do. Let's take a look at how this activity is done.

Materials Needed: 

Old newspapers or magazines are mainly the material that is used extensively in this activity. Facilitator may also choose to let participants use glue or paste, yarn, scissors or cutters, and coloring materials.

Number of Participants: 

Ideally, the number of participants per group in this activity is around 5 to 7 people. This way, there is less chance of loafing or freeloading that can be common in larger groupings.


The objective of the activity is simple: Dress up your assigned model with the team's best costume creation using only newspapers.

newspaper model team building activity
DSWD employees with amazing newspaper costume creations


  1. Each group is given a set of materials (Usually old newspapers and magazines, scissors, and glue).
  2. The group chooses a model from among their members. 
  3. The group is then given time to plan out and design a costume out of the old newspapers and magazines.
  4. The group will dress up their designated model with their costume creation.
  5.  At times, this can be done as a contest between groups. Or simply, just to show everyone what amazing things they can create when they not only work as a team but at the same time, trust in the ability of their teammates, go beyond their comfort zones, and break the negativity of their self-imposed limitations
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