5 Good Reasons Why You Should Have a Team Building Event This Summer

Being situated in the tropics, our country inevitably experiences erratic weather conditions all year long. True enough, everyone from all walks of life, from students to employees, to drivers and commuters alike, bear witness to how many times the weather can drastically change in a single day. All of us can share to each other how these sudden changes can end up ruining one’s plans on going out and accomplishing tasks that needed to be done outdoors.

We know very well that these things happen, and that is just how things are here in a tropical country such the Philippines. The experience of getting badly soaked in the rain despite having looked forward to having a warm and dry day is common to all of us.

For how many times does an outing or a team building program got ruined by an unexpected thunderstorm? When it comes to the weather, no one can ever be that certain. Well, unless if it's summer! For it's the best time of the year to go out and get tasks done under the sun.

When it comes to team building programs, summer is definitely the best time to have one and here are five reasons why.

1. Sunny Weather

Summer is absolutely the best time for having outdoor activities such as team building workshops. This is the time of the year wherein we can safely assume that it’s not going to rain. The outdoors is warm, sweet, and majestic (especially here in Cebu). One feels great delight just by looking at the dry roads, the green patches of ground, and the stretches of white sand beaches.

2. Students are Free of Academic Work

For students, it’s the only time for school organizations to prepare for the next school year. The sooner your organization will have a team building workshop, the better it is! Since there are no more classes, this is the best time the members can focus on your organization. A team building during summer is a great place to start for new members as well to get acquainted with the group.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Team Building Event This Summer in Cebu Philippines
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3. Make Your Summer Productive

It’s definitely a great way to be productive this summer and discover something new about yourself and your group. Though outings may be great, team building events are surely even better—with all the learning, such as effective communication, various leadership styles, etc., that can applied not only in your work but also in your personal life.

4. Dress-Down, Stress-Down

It’s not only dress-down season but also “stress down” season! Summer carries with it a livelier vibe, and team members are more open to new experiences and are more participating, thus the learning modules are at their optimal. And oh by the way, it's a great excuse to enjoy the beach (or some other fun place) with colleagues from work.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Team Building Event This Summer in Cebu Philippines
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5. Play and Learn

"Adulting" is not always fun and too often than not, too much work can burn out. So it's healthy to step outside a few times a year and get in touch with the kid in all of us. Play has long been an effective medium for learning and is used by many team building facilitators around the world.

One must take note though that team building programs are not just play per se. It is purposeful play. And some of the purposes of play in team building activities is to build camaraderie, enhance team cooperation, improve team communication, develop leadership from within, and strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Team Building Event This Summer in Cebu Philippines
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Reasons Why You Should Have a Team Building Event This Summer in Cebu Philippines
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Note: This article was contributed by Nicolo Nasol, a longtime CTFN affiliate.

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