CTFN Goes to Basay for Kalikasan Educational Center Team Building Program

February is the month to spread love and the facilitators of CTFN travel all the way to Dumaguete City to share our passion and love for facilitating. From Dumaguete City, we traveled 3 hours to get to the Funtasea Beach Resort in Basay, Negros Oriental, Philippines last February 20-21, 2017. The theme of the training which our client, Gandhi School of Korea-Kalikasan Educational Center, Inc.  wishes to enrich is Community Spirit. The participants were teachers of Korean students mainly focusing on English as a Second Language (ESL). Because of their busy schedules, it was hard for them to get together and simply hang out. This training was the perfect time for them to get to know more about each other and strengthen their friendship.

Kalikasan Educational Center Team Building in Basay Negros Oriental Philippines 2017
CTFN facilitators pose with Kalikasan staff
The first part on our 2 day training focuses on awareness, to understand more about the self and to know about their team mates. It was nice to see that everyone was very honest and open to each other during the training. During the activity called Superman which is to give feedback to a person on a piece of paper taped on their backs, we could see that the participants had a high level of awareness of themselves and acceptance to feedback.

Kalikasan Educational Center Team Building in Basay Negros Oriental Philippines 2017
Kalikasan staff play moon ball outdoors
It was easy to communicate, especially when you are also willing to listen. On the second day of the training, the participants learned the importance of communicating effectively even when there is a language barrier (two of the participants were British). They immediately thought about plans of how to counter communication problems that will affect them in the future. We had a short lecture about Organizational Energy. Everyone learned that in order to keep a productive energy they also need to take a breather once in a while or else you’ll get burned out. Even a machine gets broken when used every day to its maximum capacity. How much more if we humans keep pushing ourselves every day?

Kalikasan Educational Center Team Building in Basay Negros Oriental Philippines 2017
Kalikasan staff enjoy a team building activity

The training ended with everyone willingly offering their commitment for the organization and giving positive feedback to each other. They looked awkward at first but tears of happiness and laughter ensued during the time where they were given the chance to speak from the heart to each other.

Every training that we conduct is always full of inspiration and I’m not talking about the inspiration we give to participants (although we’re pretty inspiring ourselves!), I’m talking about how beautiful friendships are made and strengthened further in the training programs we conduct.  

Meanwhile, you may enjoy the summary videos from the training below:

This article is written by Edelyn Codera, an affiliate facilitator of the Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network. She was the Main facilitator along with Christopher Douglas Avila in the Teambuilding Seminar for Kalikasan Educational Center, held at FuntaSea Beach Resort, Basay, Negros Oriental last February 20 – 21, 2017.

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