Circle 23 Senior Facilitators Traveling to Bantayan Island with Cebu Teambuilding Services

Cebu Teambuilding Services was engaged by Activation Machine to facilitate icebreakers and supplementary play-based activities during their sales conference scheduled on June 19, 2015 at Beach Placid, Talisay, Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

Cebu Teambuilding Services founder and managing consultant Thadz Engaling will be joined by long-time Cebu Teambuilding Services facilitator Clint Eduard Fuentes and four senior facilitators from the 23rd circle of the Facilitators' Circle, Inc. The four senior facilitators are SF Marinella "Mia" Cabinian, SF Maria Patrice Charisse "Tracy" Cirunay, SF Quennie Paring, and SF Jason Ernie Origenes will be working for the first time on a program with Cebu Teambuilding Services. Both Thadz and Clint are also alumni facilitators of the Facilitators' Circle from the 8th circle and 21st circle respectively. This will be the first out-of-town trip that senior facilitators of the 23rd circle will be joining with Cebu Teambuilding Services.

We picked the brains of the senior facilitators scheduled to work for the first time with Cebu Teambuilding Services, and these ae what they had to say:

SF Marinella "Mia" Cabinian: I'm looking forward to know my co-facilitators more while practicing our skills and the change of scenery for the team building. I expect the alumni facilitators to be accommodating, patient, and fun to be with since it is my first time to be working with them.

SF Maria Patrice Charisse "Tracy" Cirunay: I look forward to have a fun learning experience and to be able to enhance and improve my skills. I expect the alumni facilitators to be fun, considerate, and just chill. Hopefully, this will not be the first and last time I will be working with them.

SF Quennie Paring: I expect to have fun and be full of learning. I expect AF Thadz and AF Clint to be jamming like they were just in our age group.

SF Jason Ernie Origenes: I expect to have fun and learn a lot of new things. I expect the alumni facilitators to be more considerate since it is my first time to join them and I hope they are also fun to be with.

Thadz and Clint also has their expectations with the senior facilitators:

Clint Edward Fuentes: I expect the senior facilitators to be alert and really be on board when we start. I want to see them thinking on their feet and with good initiative.

Thaddeau "Thadz" Engaling II: I expect the senior facilitators to be sharp in their elements during the program, have good initiative, and display confidence. Hopefully, the program itself will be a great learning experience for them while they also have fun doing it. I'm hoping that their engagement with Cebu Teambuilding Services will build up not just their facilitating skills but also their confidence in themselves, a great zeal for continuous learning, and most importantly positive character.

The team will leave Cebu City at dawn of June 18, 2015, meet with the client's event coordinator upon arrival at Santa Fe in the early afternoon, make final preparations after the meeting, and meet for the final event briefing at night. They are expected to be back in Cebu City late afternoon or early evening of the 20th of June, 2015.

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