Cebu Teambuilding Services Works for the First Time with FC Batch 23 on Titay's Team Building Event

Three (3) senior facilitators (SF's) of the 23rd batch of the Facilitators' Circle were engaged by Cebu Teambuilding Services to help out in the implementation of the training module for Titay's Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Accounting, and IT personnel. This happened last May 30, 2015 at Genesis Valley Mountain Resort, Cabangahan, Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines.

Cebu Teambuilding Services founder and managing consultant Thadz Engaling was the main facilitator. He was ably assisted by SF Angela Mari Asido, general co-facilitator of the 23rd circle, SF Chaira Tunacao, and SF Josil Anne Alverio.

Titay's team building 2015 at Consolacion Cebu Philippines

In keeping with the rule of confidentiality for programs, we cannot divulge the proceedings of the team building event. This is what the senior facilitators can say about their initial experience working with Cebu Teambuilding Services:

Titay's team building 2015 at Consolacion Cebu Philippines
Thadz on board

SF Angela Mari Asido: The experience was great. It was fun and it was a good avenue for me to hone my facilitating skills. My most significant learning would be to be atentive and keen on what's next. Practicing anticipation will hopefully help me in the future seminars I will be assisting and conducting.

SF Chaira Tunacao: The experience was fun and thinking with good initiative was very much necessary as we had to anticipate what the main facilitator would do next. The most significant learning I came across is to have initiative. I will apply this insight into my facilitating practice by not waiting for someone to tell me to do things before I make a move.

Titay's team building 2015 at Consolacion Cebu Philippines
Helium ring

SF Josil Anne Alverio: It was fun yet a new experience being a facilitator. I need to be more sensitive to the main facilitator. Hopefully, if there were some flaws, I can correct that and no longer make the same errors in the future.

Cebu Teambuilding Services acknowledges the contributions of the senior facilitators in making this team building program for Titay's a success and happily notes that it has also been a good learning opportunity for them in their young facilitating careers.

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