Cebu Cube Ice Corporation Taps CTFN for Team Building Event

Team building programs can be done at any time of the year, as long as the rain isn’t heavy enough to cause a flood or to cause damage to the training materials. In fact, a little rain holds a special charm. And even the all-too-sunny weather as well, especially when it’s experiential, outdoor, play-based facilitating we’re talking about.

Even an unpleasant weather makes for memorable activities that create impact. Perhaps we can even say we learn more under more difficult conditions. And in the case of conducting a team building program, it’s the facilitating that counts. Good facilitating is good facilitating, regardless of anything.   

Working like “The Flash”

ICE MAN – Cebu Cube Ice Corporation sent us an inquiry. With the target date less than a week away, our CTFN facilitators worked on it right away. 1) Crafting a training module, 2) Sending the proposal, 3) Preparing the logistics and arranging the venue. Then it was all done in a day or two.

Despite the short notice (less than 3 days to prepare) the program pushed through on 26 November 2017 at Karancho Beach Resort, Lapulapu City, Cebu. Over 40 employees from ICE MAN attended.

It was a hot yet easy Sunday morning for the ICE MAN employees. They seemed more than ready for the challenges, bringing in with them lots of chill and laughter.

a team presentation
A team presentation

To kick off the series of activities, Nathaniel John Arong fired up the ICE MEN with icebreakers, which were also getting to know activities. Jump In-Out, World Records, Animal Sounds, and Team Cheer Presentations. Then the ICE MEN were grouped into three cool teams. Co-facilitating were Tiffany Manabat and Nicolo Nasol.

The day went on slowly for the ICE MEN, filled in with team dynamic activities, processing and debrief, and short lectures (Tuckman’s Team Development Stages and Barriers of Communication). Helium Ring, Traffic Jam ,and Moon Ball! All of these activities were great challenges to the ICE MEN. But they have done quite well. One team solved the traffic jam in under 10 minutes. Another team managed a hundred moon ball taps in 3 or 4 minutes. After each activity, an in-depth processing of experiences followed, which brought out dozens of insights from the groups.

Moon ball
Moon ball

Feel the Earth! Go Barefoot! Bear the Fruit!

Preceding the climactic activity, we facilitated a one-two-three everybody up activity right there in the sand. It was therapeutic. The faces of the ICE MEN showed their delight at stepping barefoot right into the hot sand. Indeed, it felt soothing to the nerve endings of one’s feet. Afterward, lead facilitator Nathaniel brought the long day to a beautiful close with an emotional climactic activity. It was all joyful hugs and tears in the end.  

Everybody Up
Everybody up

Mary Charmane Tiu, daughter of the company’s owner expressed, “I Had a really great and fun learning experience. Highly recommended! Great team! In behalf of our company, we would like thank your team for a job well done.”

End Notes

You can have your team building event during the Christmas season! Why not? After all, Christmas can also be a good season for learning. In fact, traditionally, December is when people learn to share love—by way of gifts—with their family, friends, and also with their company. (In this case, CTFN does this by way of team building activities.) Besides, what bonds a group of people more than their shared love for their group?

CTFN tailor specific training environments wherein our participants can feel their love for their team. So let us make December be a season of loving and learning! 

Note: This article was written by Nicolo Nasol. He was co-facilitator for the Cebu Cube Ice Corporation Team Building Event.


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