Igniting Team Spirit: Teambuilding for Teradyne Philippines

The month of October is just getting started. The Cebu Teambuilding Facilitator’s Network is already fired up to facilitate programs to ignite team spirit. Last 2 October 2017, the facilitators of CTFN went to Lowaii Cebu Marine Resort to facilitate a team building program for Teradyne Philippines. The Teradyne team was a group of enthusiastic and energetic people. This is the 2nd program CTFN did for Teradyne Philippines in 2017.

We kick start the day by stretching our muscles. Work tension was relieved with some tai chi. Before we officially started the program, the participants were asked about their goals. They were asked what they would like to achieve at the end of the seminar. The Teradyne team answered that they would like to improve their relationship with each other and establish good communication.

Team building program for Teradyne
Team building program for Teradyne

To measure the team’s current level of communication and team dynamics, we let them do the Helium Ring. The participants were divided into three groups to perform the activity. The helium ring is one of the most challenging team building activities. It tested the group’s patience and coordination with each other. It took quite a while for the group to complete the activity. The participants tried to remain calm despite their frustration. Everyone in the group was pitching in ideas to finish the activity. They learned to be open to suggestions in order to come up with the most effective solution to their problems in the workplace.

helium ring
Helium ring

After a delicious lunch buffet, we continued the programs in the afternoon with a little ice breaker. The goal of the activity was to have the most followers by playing rock-paper-scissors. The participants showed their competitive spirit as they become the ultimate rock-paper-scissors champion. We continued in the afternoon with an activity called Moon Ball. The participants were divided into two groups. The aim of the activity was to tap the beach ball 120 times without letting it fall. The first group finished the activity in around 15 minutes while the other group finished in around 30 minutes.

Moon ball

The first group immediately found the best way to effectively keep the ball in the air which is why they were able to finish it quickly. The second group admitted that they wanted to stick to the first strategy until they get used to it. Although the second group did the activity in a much longer time, they said that they were having so much fun. They didn’t mind about the other group finishing first. They learned that they need to be proactive in the group and not just go with the flow.

After the challenging beach ball activity, the next activity was Kangaroo Hop. With the same group, participants were tasked to jump at least once in the jumping rope. Again, the first group finished quickly. The second group took a long time to finish. The participants learned that one simple mistake could result in jeopardizing team success. They cannot do things halfheartedly. One person’s mistake could become everyone’s mistake in the team. It is important that they help each other to avoid mistakes in the future.

kangaroo hop
Kangaroo hop

The day ended with the activity called Everybody Up. The objective of the activity is to stand as one with only their backs touching each other. Although they may belong in different departments or they may have different roles in the organization, they all belong in one organization: Teradyne Philippines. They share one mission, one vision, and one goal. The Teradyne team learned a lot of things throughout the day, but the truth is that the real challenge starts at the end of the team building seminar. It is easy to say what we have learned but hard to actually apply it in real life. However, as long as we keep helping each other in the team, it is never just a dream to make things happen. We closed the day with a great hug and the facilitators also got a hug from the participants. We, the facilitators were only with the participants for around 6-8 hours in the day but it was nice to feel that the participants treated us like we were part of their team. We were only with the Teradyne team for a really short period of time in their lives but we were able to make a mark in their hearts. It is exactly as Plato said, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”.

Contributing writer: Edelyn Codera

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