Team Building Activity: Hover Boards

Space hover boards is a team building activity that test team's and individuals level of creativity and initiative. It simply involves getting a team from point A to point B with the given parameters.

Space Hover Boards

We recreated this instruction set for space hover boards for our blog readers. Enjoy!

space hover boards team building activity
Petron managers, 2014

Materials Needed:

We need something that we can step on. Paper is basic but discouraged because it may no longer be used after the activity. A more sustainable option is small rubber mats, about the size that one person can stand on.


Get the team from point A to point B without a breach of the rules.


  1. Everyone on the team must always be on a "hover board". No body part should be touching outside of "hover boards".
  2. Teams are only given a limited number of "hover boards". Make the most of what is available.
  3. An added challenge would be to include a rule disallowing verbal communication.
  4. Any breach of the rules will restart the activity. Teams will start again from point A.


The space hover boards team building activity can address a wide variety of learning objectives. Specifically, it can create awareness and spur change in communication-related concerns within organizations. Debrief can focus on specific communications issues as they appear during the team's dynamics during the conduct of the activity.

  • The instructions for this activity was recreated by the Learning and Development Division of the Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network . Led by Philipp Chen Tan, other members of the division are Kevin Johnrey Sosas, Paulo Frangelyco Magallon, and Marc Julius Rizada.
  • CTFN does not claim ownership of this activity. For a list of references used to recreate activity instructions, please visit our Directory of Activities page.

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  1. Classic! I love having this activity. It really gets the participants to work together towards a common goal