Discovering the Dynamics of Teamwork with Ottobock Cebu

It is quite often that businesses expand beyond its own nation, it is inevitable that it will branch out into offshore locations to extend its reach. This is success that only the most resilient organizations are able to enjoy. But more than just the sweetness of branching and franchising, there’s also the challenge of forming a team to handle an unfamiliar territory. Ottobock did exactly just that.


Ottobock is a highly successful German company who had earned great honors giving humanity the gift of prosthetic limbs throughout the century, so that our amputee brothers and sisters may be given the chance to be whole again. They are in the field of medical as well as in engineering technology, and if it is starting to sound like they’re making cyborgs…well, that’s not far from the truth; in fact, one of their latest inventions (that’s now on sale!) is the Bionic Arm. Sounds cool, yes? Definitely.

Ottobock team building 2017 in Lapulapu City Mactan Island Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
Ottobock Phils. Corp.

But while Ottobock had enjoyed huge success in Makati, they have just recently operated in Cebu. This is when they called Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network, so we can participate in the forming of the team that will raise the Cebuano’s spirits.

Ottobock team building 2017 in Lapulapu City Mactan Island Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
Ottobock taps Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network for their team building event in Cebu

When managers assign individuals to come together for a certain objective, something beautiful start to emerge; Organizational Psychologists call it, Team Dynamics. Team Dynamics, in definition, are unconscious psychological forces that influence a team’s
behavior and performance. Think of your as a sailboat. The waves thereunder that ebbs the boat toward a certain direction would therefore be the “team dynamics.” What happens if it is left unmanaged? Like the boat metaphor, it can stray the boat away from its compass; it would take longer to get across islands, or it might not get across at all and the worst that could happen is a dreaded shipwreck.

CTFN Affiliate Nathaniel Arong used the Helium Ring Activity to illustrate Team Dynamics at a closer perspective, and effectively point its manifestations. He suggests that the best way to manage team dynamics is to first have awareness of it.
Ottobock team building 2017 in Lapulapu City Mactan Island Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
Ottobock employees doing the helium ring activity

The Awareness Path

“Awareness in itself is therapeutic,” according to Dr. Fritz Perls, and true enough, having knowledge and a direct experience of how your team reacts to challenges, and actively involve in your strengths and limitations will lead to greater understanding of your team dynamics. Understanding then leads to responsibility, which in turn leads to self-improvement.
And this is when Nathaniel timely introduces the Johari Window to the participants and uses it as a framework to help them get a better map of where new teams can move forward into becoming a greater and more established team.

Right by the Flow

From here it was easier for the participants of Ottobock to adjust to their colleagues in dealing with games and exercises that are thrust towards improving their coordination, their ability to strategize and creatively set goals to meet objectives as well as develop a sense of leadership and enhance their level of communication---all of which bring about the best outcome of teamwork among all members.

Ottobock team building 2017 in Lapulapu City Mactan Island Cebu Central Visayas Philippines
It was a successful team building event for Ottobock in Cebu, Philippines

And all the rest was fun and unobstructed togetherness. A successful team building event indeed!

Note: This article was written by CTFN team development consultant Nathaniel John Arong who facilitated activities for Ottobock Philippines at the Pacific Cebu Resort in Lapulapu City, Cebu, Philippines last 9 June 2017.

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