Cemos Digital Productions Taps CTFN Services for the 2nd Time

Summer is pretty much over, and officially so, what with the occasional rains and all that bits of drizzle here and there. But last June 3, 2017, CTFN and CEMOS Digital Productions have been graced with a fair sunny Saturday, which was a perfect day for team building activities at San Remigio Beach Club in the northern town of San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines.

CEMOS is an innovative digital solutions studio and design agency that provides online media creatives and enhancement services. Geared to bring out the “clarity, beauty, and style to your creative presentation needs,” CEMOS crafts images, designs, and graphics for brochures, magazines, websites, and other promotional venues and medias.

Cemos Digital Productions team building 2017 at Cordova Cebu Philippines
CEMOS Digital Productions

The creative company consists of artists, designers, web developers, and photographers. Most of their clients we serve are based in Europe. CEMOS is currently expanding their services to North America and in Asia. CEMOS believes that a “social, fun, and friendly office environment” motivates their team to be successful on their field.

Cemos Digital Productions team building 2017 at Cordova Cebu Philippines
Cemos Digital Productions Team Building Event 2017 in San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines
The team building participants were designers and team leaders. Kicking off with the classic “World Records” activity as an icebreaker and GTKY activity, the CEMOS team members start to learn more about their fellow workmates. The team members was surprised to learn of each other’s number of tenure years and the number of past romantic relationships! And it was a long, good laughing! Just perfect for the challenging series of activities waiting for them.
What followed were the Moon Ball and Helium Ring activities. The members got their creative gears and thinking in motion in those 2 fun, yet moderately difficult, challenges. Aside from their creativity, situational leadership emerged and was practiced; along with that, the sensitivity for their colleagues was developed, and they realized important role of sensitivity when it comes to communicating effectively.
Culminating the day was the Tadpole Frenzy, one of CTFN’s novel ideas for structured learning activities. It was the most challenging of all activities that day, one the definitely brought out the skills and potentials of the CEMOS team members.

Cemos Digital Productions team building 2017 at Cordova Cebu Philippines
Tadpole Frenzy Team Building Activity

Note: This article was written by CTFN team development consultant Nicolo Nasol who along with Philipp Chen Tan facilitated the team building activities for CEMOS Digital Productions at San Remigio Beach Club, San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines last 3 June 2017.

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