Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network Conducts WAVE Training for BP Waterworks

One’s attitude is everything, especially in one’s career. It determines how other people perceive you in this world and it portrays how you perceive the world. In achieving its goals, organizations must see to it that all of its members are equipped with the work values and attitudes to effectively and efficiently perform their roles.

Last March, Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network affiliates Thadz Engaling and Nathaniel Arong attended a Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Workshop facilitated by Coach Angel Hermentera of Stellar Performance and Training Consultancy. This time around, it was CTFN's turn to conduct a WAVE workshop for a client.

BP Waterworks Inc. Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Training

BP Waterworks Inc. had their Corporate Attitudes seminar or commonly known as Work Attitude and Values Enhancement (WAVE) Seminar last August 30, 2016. Conducted by the Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network, the company’s objective was to let its employees understand the nature of attitudes and how it affects their behavior as well as learn how their individual roles in the organization contribute to the overall transformation of the organization.

Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Seminar for BP Waterworks in Cebu City Philippines
BP Waterworks

BP Waterworks is a private water system company that provides various water services for its clients. Similar to Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD), but privately owned, they provide their clients with water sources, installation of equipment that provide clean and potable water, maintenance of water supplies and many more.  

The training was conducted at their very own BP Waterworks office located at Room 303, Machay Building, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City. The 25 participants anxiously gathered at their main office as the facilitators handed out 2 questionnaires for them to answer. The results of the questionnaires were to be discussed during the training. The questionnaires were also translated into Bisaya or Cebuano for the participants to better understand the items in the questionnaire.

The training started with some Getting-to-Know-You activites with the participants. The participants were tasked to write down any question they would like to ask to their co-participants and in a short time distribute those papers randomly. A lecture about Values & Attitudes was then being discussed and the results to the first questionnaire was discussed to tie up the discussion of the Values & Attitudes lecture. The first questionnaire talks about the different values each person may possess and would likely have. Although the questionnaire does not factor in all the values known to Man, it does shed some light on what values one currently possess. This activity was especially effective to the participants since most of them have trouble answering the question what are my core values. Sometimes the question “what are my core values” seem easy to answer, but can be quite a heavy question since it needs some reflection to come up with a genuine answer.

Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Seminar for BP Waterworks in Cebu City Philippines
Chris giving a lecture

After the discussing their results, a simple activity that required the participants to close their eyes was done. This activity tested the participants’ sensitivity towards other participants as well as their listening skills since the activity was done with the participants’ closing their eyes. Lunch immediately followed after the completing the activity.

After lunch break, a story telling and analysis followed to test the participants’ knowledge about attitudes and how they view the world according to their own values. The story revolved around a tricky situation where one needs to give up something of value in order to risk something the person perceives to be good mixed with some plot twists and turn of events. This was a particularly interesting activity for the participants since many of them expressed their different views on how the character should act and how the character’s decisions influenced the rest of the story.

A lecture on the Five Language of Workplace Appreciation was then done and the results of the second questionnaire was being discussed as the participants scored their items using a simple scoring system. This activity again gave light and awareness to the participants as it allowed them to be familiar with how they want to be appreciated in the workplace as well as how they usually appreciate others. A final activity was done to integrate all the lectures and experiences into one cohesive whole. The training ended with the giving of certificates to the participants as well as having one group photo with the facilitators.

Work Attitudes and Values remain to be two of the crucial foundations of workplace ingredients needed to have a smooth relationship among co-workers as well with the overall working environment. In the company’s WAVE training, experiential learning experiences lead the participants on a journey to discover their own work value system and align their values and personal goals with that of the organization.

Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Seminar for BP Waterworks in Cebu City Philippines
Group photo

This article is written by Christopher Douglas Avila, an affiliate facilitator of the Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network. He was the main facilitator along with assisting facilitator Lorenzo Jose Cahig in the Work Attitudes and Values Enhancement (WAVE) Training for BP Waterworks, Inc. held at BP Waterworks office, Room 303, Machay Building last August 30, 2016.

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