Now I see You Bai!: Mental Assassin To Hold Body Language Workshop in Cebu on 26 November 2016

For one to succeed in today's competitive world, it has become a need to master the art of human communication. Many communication experts agree that “Communication is 80% body language, and 20% words”. Much of the message we convey goes through the body, regardless if we want to or not. So how can we use this principle to our advantage?

Oftentimes we try to persuade people. We tell them that our view is right and they would be wise to agree. We do this when we apply for a new job, try to sell our products, or even show that we can be great boyfriends (or girlfriends). However, without the proper intuition in people’s body gestures, we can easily fail in this regard. This is especially true in the Philippine culture, where we Filipinos are widely known for our indirect communication. This explains why foreigners would frequently become confused with Filipinos, wondering why some would verbally say yes to request when they really meant no.

Here are a few skills any experts in body language certainly possess:

  1. Disarming negative body language

Negative body language refer to any kind of gestures that communicate disapproval to what you are trying to communicate.

Here’s one situation where this happens with a coffee salesman:

“Hey Miss, are you interested to buy this special brand of coffee? It can benefit you in many many ways!”

“Oh that sounds interesting”, the lady says with a polite smile. But her body slowly turns away, as she slowly folds her arms.

This is a basic example of how negative communication is conveyed through the body, and if salesman does not respond accordingly, he will certainly lose the lady as a customer. In fact, there is a large number of negative gestures to look for when trying to persuade people.

  1. Building rapport

Another essential part of persuasion involves ‘building rapport’. When one builds rapport, the person is creating the necessary connection for a trusting relationship to take place. No one will want to believe or buy anything from a person he/she barely knows. Consequently, the mark of a great communicator lies in how easily that person can build a connection with another.

3. Spotting lies and deception

A few people shrug this skill as the stuff of TV series and novels. However, spotting lies can be quite possible with the right knowledge and experience. The first known person to study emotions and microfacial expressions was Paul Eckman. He proposes that for every emotion we feel, it would always manifest in some way in our faces and bodies.

The truth is,  human beings are generally emotional creatures, and what we feel frequently shows in our body gestures.

4. Win respect

This is one of the less known benefits of body language. However, communicating powerful body language can aid commanding respect from peers and authorities. Have you ever wanted to win respect from your boss? Try to become aware of the body gestures you are emanating.

Of course, body language does not solely account for the respect your peers have for you, but it certainly wins you points.

Body Language Expert

One expert in nonverbal communication is none other than Justin Piñon. He is also known as the “Mental Assassin”, due to his additional talents as a performing Mentalist. Though he does not have supernatural powers, he can certainly appear that way during his shows.

Now I See You Bai mentalism and body language workshop in Mandaue City Cebu Philippines 2016
Justin Piñon: The Mental Assassin

Justin is also a certified hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. Since 2010, he has been conducting lectures about non-verbal communication and persuasion to companies and private individuals. Justin has frequently taught a number of sales companies how to positively influence their clients through nonverbal communication, so that they will more likely buy their products.

An Upcoming Event in Metro Cebu

If you happen to be in Cebu City, be sure to block your schedules this November 26, 2016 for a rare and opportune event you do not want to miss. Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network, a group of dedicated team building facilitators, bring you Justin Piñon to speak on a whole-day workshop entitled: “Now I See You, Bai: The Body Language Advantage”.

This whole day event consists of a morning and afternoon session for students and professionals respectively.

The students event will focus primarily on reading people’s nonverbal cues. Furthermore, finding negative body gestures and converting them to positive ones will be explored along with Justin’s secrets to persuasion.

The event for working professionals will involve a more advanced lecture on body language. Spotting liars and using unique gestures to your advantage will also be discussed. NLP techniques such as Mirroring and effective sitting positions will also be tackled, to achieve effective persuasion with every client.

The students event will take place from 9:00AM - 12:00 NN, while the working professionals event will be from 1:00PM - 4PM. Both session will take place in Hyacinth Hall, JCenter Convention Hall, Mandaue City, Cebu.

Ticket prices are:

For Students:
Early Bird Rate: PhP 400 (Sold until 10 November 2016)
Regular/Walk-in Rate: PhP 500
Premium Ticket: PhP 600 (Front row seats, Opportunity to interact with resource person, workshop kits)

Now I See You Bai mentalism and body language workshop in Mandaue City Cebu Philippines 2016
Premium ticket for students

For Professionals:
Early Bird Rate: PhP 700 (Sold until 10 November 2016)
Regular/Walk-in Rate: PhP 800
Premium Ticket: PhP 950 (Front row seats, Opportunity to interact with resource person, workshop kits)

Now I See You Bai mentalism and body language workshop in Mandaue City Cebu Philippines 2016
Premium ticket for professionals

For inquiries and reservations, you may contact the numbers: 0942-292-2266 / 0917-662-8326 or email

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