Cebu Teambuilding Services Offers Flexible Payment Options

Cebu Teambuilding Services announces that it is now able to offer flexible payment options to its growing list of clientele. This is good news especially for organization in need of our services but are on a tight financial budget. Read on for the payment options made available to Cebu Teambuilding Services' clients.

Pay Full Amount in Cash

The first option is to pay all fees in cash. This is the most common option and is appropriate for organizations that has a considerable budget allotted for team building. The full amount will be issued an official receipt.

Pay Partial Amount in Gift Checks or Gift Certificates

Gift checks and gift certificates may be used to cover a partial amount of the fees from Cebu Teambuilding Services. Gift certificates that Cebu Teambuilding Services accept as form of partial payment include gift certificates that can be generally used in multiple establishments such as Sodexo, restaurant gift certificates, resort gift certificates, and hotel gift certificates.

Pay Partial Amount in Products or Services

Clients of Cebu Teambuilding Services may also opt to pay part of the fee with products or services commensurate to the services rendered. Cebu Teambuilding Services reserves the right to accept or refuse the kind of products and/or services offered as partial payment in exchange for its services. 

Pay Partial Amount in Stocks or Shares

Organizations may also choose to partially pay Cebu Teambuilding Services with shares of stocks in their companies. This option is available only to corporate organizations.

Full Exchange Deal

In a limited number of cases, Cebu Teambuilding Services will agree to a full exchange deal as payment for services rendered.

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