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It's just barely a month before we welcome the 2015 summer season in the Philippines. As we all know, summer in the Philippines is a time for vacation, family bonding, and excursions. Summer is also the time that most business organizations in the Philippines will be having their team building programs and company outing since it will most likely be sunny compared to the rest of the year. 

As Cebu is a prime destination for local and foreign tourists alike during summer, many companies from all over the Philippines also choose Cebu as a venue for their summer team building events and company outing. 

Cebu Teambuilding Services sees this as an opportunity to serve the training needs of these companies as well as to promote Cebu tourism. That is why we have come up with team building themes that will showcase what Cebu has to offer but at the same time addressing the learning objectives in training. 

Team Building  & Company Outing Themes 

Amazing Race or Scavenger Hunt

Inspired by the hit TV series Amazing Race, our version allows teams to immerse in the everyday life and culture of Cebu where they learn about the local history, language, savor local delicacies, learn the basics of local martial arts, and learn ritual dances. They also get to haggle with local vendors, find the best way to commute, and showcase their street smarts. The learning objectives of this theme focus on individual roles in a team setting as well as coordination, addressing conflicts and differences, effective communication, sensitivity, concern for teammates, and putting team goals above one's own.


Sports is usually a fun way to place some structure in a company outing. The kind of sports to be played will depend on the venue of a company outing. Some sample events are listed below.

  • San Remigio Beach Club, San Remigio, Cebu, Philippines (Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, Darts)
  • Lowaii Cebu Marine Beach Resort, Suba Basbas, Mactan Island, Lapulapu City, Cebu, Philippines (Volleyball, Billiards, Chess, Darts)
  • YMCA, Cebu City, Philippines (Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Chess, Table Tennis)
  • SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Philippines (Bowling, Billiards)
  • Gaisano Bowlingplex, Banilad, Cebu City, Philippines (Bowling, Billiards)
  • Bahia Resort Hotel, Mactan Island, Lapulapu City, Cebu, Philippines (Basketball, Volleyball, Chess, Darts)
  • Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort, San Fernando, Cebu, Philippines (Basketball, Volleyball, Chess, Darts)

Palarong Pinoy

If the usual sportsfest is boring, try the Palarong Pinoy version. Mostly played by kids of yesteryears, this is a surefire way to create a feeling of nostalgia to participants, especially those who enjoyed playing these games in their childhood. For those who haven't come across these kind of games, it will be a wonderful experience to learn something new. Traditional Filipino games are also a great way to teach the values of integrity, teamwork, effective communication, constructive conflict resolution, trust, motivation, and much more. Below is a list of some of the traditional Pinoy games.

Patintero or Tubig-tubig
A team game wherein an offensive player tries to get from one end to the other without getting tagged by a defender.

Book your Summer 2015 and Company Outing With Cebu Teambuilding Services in the  Philippines

A game that involves kicking a takyan as many times as possible before it hits the ground.

A local variant of baseball. Instead of hitting a baseball with a bat, players instead try to kick a slipper being pitched.

A game that involves hitting a small stick with a long stick. This can be a game that can be played one-on-one or between teams of 2 or more people.

A game of marbles.

Hampas sa Palayok
A game that involves directing a blindfolded person towards a hanging pot which he is to break with a stick or bat that he is holding.

A relay race wherein competitors try to walk on coconut shells attached to strings held in their hands.

A competition in kite-making and kite-flying.

Tumbang Preso or Bato Lata
A game that involves throwing slippers at a tin can.

Tigso-tigso or Agawan Base
A game that combines elements of capture the flag and tag.

Luksong Tinik
Jumping over outstretched fingers.

Luksong Lubid
Skipping rope.

Book your Summer 2015 and Company Outing With Cebu Teambuilding Services in the  Philippines
Luksong Lubid

Luksong Baka
A game that involves trying to jump over as many people being lined up.

Sayawang Pinoy

Learning to dance as a team requires coordination, some leadership, teamwork, and effective communication. Sample dances are the following:

  • Tinikling
  • Maglalatik
  • Carinosa
  • Pandanggo sa Ilaw
  • Subli
  • Kuracha
  • Itik-itik

Barrio Fiesta Cookfest 

Barrio Fiesta Cookfest team building theme highlights the reality that one team is but part of a bigger organization and that in order for organizations to prosper, smaller teams have to do their part or assigned tasks. Each team is given a specific task to prepare for a fiesta. Tasks can vary from decorating, cooking, shopping, or preparing entertaining performances. The theme also tackles opportunities to improve leadership, task delegation, coordination, performance evaluation, motivation, effective communication, and a lot more.

War Games 

A strategy game that emphasizes on the value of good leadership and teamwork, war games can either be done with paintball or airsoft equipment. War games are also a good opportunity to teach the value of integrity.

Survivor Camp

With focus on self-reliance, the Survivor Camp team building theme has learning objectives that focuses on developing skills to support team goals, maximizing individual strengths to buoy team performance, and lessen impact of individual weaknesses and limitations to team success.  

All-Inclusive Company Outing and Team Building Package

Venue Reservations 

As an added service, Cebu Teambuilding Services can arrange venue reservations in behalf of its client organizations.


For as low as PHP 250 per person per night, Cebu Teambuilding Services can arrange accommodations for its clients. Accommodation options can range from dormitory-type rooms, standard rooms, de luxe rooms, family rooms, or tents.

Catering Service Arrangements 

Starting at PHP 60 per person per meal, Cebu Teambuilding Services can arrange for packed meals or buffet services for its clients through its partner suppliers.

Transportation Arrangements 

Cebu Teambuilding Services have partnered with several transport companies to serve the transportation needs of its clients, particularly the ones who come from outside Cebu.

Accident Insurance Cover Application 

As an added service to our clients, Cebu Teambuilding Services may assist in the application of accident insurance cover for the groups that we service. Cover may be through Philam Life or Maxicare.

Photo Documentation

As part of our documentation, Cebu Teambuilding Services documents programs with photographs. We can share these raw photos to our clients without added costs. However, should our clients wish to have a professional documentation of their event, we will gladly assist them.

Tour Arrangements

Particularly for our client organizations from outside Cebu, we can help them arrange a tour as part of their itinerary in Cebu. They can do island hopping, city tour, visita iglesia, waterfall hopping, and a lot more.


Cebu Teambuilding Services can arrange for the printing of event t-shirts for their clients.

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