Team Building Venue in Mactan: Be Resorts

Do you want to Be entertained? Do you want to Be relaxed? You can Be and you should Be. Located at Punta EngaƱo Road, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Be Resorts Mactan features a unique getaway from the city life. Be Resorts can cater all kinds of events from company team building events, romantic escapades and to solitary leisure. Enjoy a laid back, carefree and quiet experience for an affordable deal. It was a fortunate stroke of serendipity for me to visit this alluring place. My experience at Be Resorts added another color to my existence and out of my love of life and all aesthetic things it is my mission to encourage you and share with you why you should try Be Resorts for yourself.

Pool by the sea

Be entertained as you experience the seaside view and swim at their outdoor pool. Their pools can cater both children and adult which is a win-win situation for those opting for a family outing.

Be Resorts Mactan
Be Resorts Mactan

Dining satisfaction

Fill your stomach and treat your taste buds to a special dining experience. If you are afraid of getting dehydrated from the heat then worry no more for Be Resorts provides a sizable supply of refreshments. Choose from their wide menu of dishes, whatever preference you fancy then Be can satisfy.

Beachfront wonder

Bask in the heat of the sun, charge up your day with the refreshing sea breeze and achieve those tan lines at the beachfront of Be Resorts. At night, end your day as you celebrate the splendor of the stars. Their beachfront can host any event from weddings to company team building, either you want to create memories with the people you love or relax in solitude.

Be Resorts Mactan Cebu Philippines team building venue
Be Resorts Mactan


Be Resorts is full of services and facilities designed for your convenience. They offer transportation assistance, day-use lockers, laundry service, foreign currency exchange, business center, and a clinic and in-house nurse. What they offer is not just service but peace of mind, that your stay will be hassle free and fun filled.

That sums up my why-list for Be Resorts Mactan. Now it’s up to you to create your own memories, whatever your reason might Be for staying or whoever you might Be with, I’m sure that you won’t regret your stay. So add this place up to your list, because if you want to feel good and Be good then Be Resorts is the place to be.
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Note: This article is a contribution of CTFN affiliate Marc Julius Rizada.

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