Team Building Venue in San Fernando, Cebu: Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort

"The Scavenger Hunt" is one type of team building activity that Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network provides with sheer mastery.

Aside from hunting for clues and hidden treasures, this type of outdoor seminar challenges the participants to search for "stations" where a team marshal awaits to facilitate play-based learning exercises. In these Stations, the team can gain, not only points, but actual group-dynamics training, which will prepare and develop their competence for the challenges that lies ahead.

It's one of the most exciting way for teams, especially for big ones (40 participants or more) to achieving the lessons they need to perform better. Except there's one requirement. The Scavenger Hunt necessitates a big venue in order to be done properly.

HIdden Paradise Mountain Resort as a team building venue in San Fernando Cebu Philippines
Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort Teambuilding Package

The Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort in San Fernando, Cebu, Philippines is one of the most conducive venues to do a Scavenger Hunt team building in. The well-known resort has the required space, landscape, and facilities to pull off such a stunt. The uphill climbs, the pool and forest areas, and even parts like the pantry or the reception are likely spots to hold activities in. Sure enough, teams will really be dared to use their initiative, communication, and leadership skills to find what's hidden in the many ubiquitous places for clues, treasures, and stations.

Aside from this, Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort offers awesome activities like the Zip-Line, Zip-Splash (A zipline that ends with a 15 feet drop to a deep pool), a monkey bridge, a wall climbing course, a ropes course, and a videoke machine, etc., which can obviously be made into extremely fun stations to incur points for your team. Cool right?

HIdden Paradise Mountain Resort as a team building venue in San Fernando Cebu Philippines
Thadz on the zipline

But of course, this is not to say that Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort is only good for such type of training programs. It can also be a venue that's conducive for any type of outdoor or even indoor seminars as it has isolated areas and function rooms that can hold up to 200 persons, with sound system and conference chairs on demand, and other areas like the pool and/or cottages where your team can do activities with great mobility.

Hidden Paradise also offers rooms for those who want to stay overnight, which I believe is one of the most affordable rates for room accommodations among resorts in Southern Metro Cebu.

They also offer packages which includes lunch buffets, AM/PM snacks, transportation, and free use of facilities and recreation areas for day use for as low as 750 per head (minimum of 30).
Yet the best part of Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort is how mobile phone signals become unreachable as soon as you're up there, because of it's distance from the City. This allows learning to seep in smoothly, as the teams will have little or no distractions from the sessions going on in the team building program.

Learning is a process that is best when it's fun and challenging. Cebu Teambuilding Facilitators Network makes sure that teams enjoy optimal learning experience for their team building events. To do this, we always look at the interdependence of the participants, the program, and the environment.

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  1. I liked the venue, and the activities looked fun.. Plus the idea of no signal added appeal to the activity... hehehe.