Cebu Team Building Services: How We Conduct Our Programs

It has come to our attention that competitors of Cebu Teambuilding Services have claimed that our methods are the same and that the only difference is that they charge a lesser fee. While we acknowledge that this is true to some extent, there are differences in our training philosophies. We would like to clarify and explain these differences in this post and how these things impact the conduct of the training programs that we do.

Our Method is Play-Based

Like many other team building services providers in Cebu and the entire Philippines, we at Cebu Teambuilding Services also employ play-based activities in our team building programs. We listed down several reasons why we chose play as our method.

Cebu Teambuilding Services
Play-based activity in a Cebu Teambuilding Services program

We Minimize Policing Activity Violations 

Traditionally, team building facilitators point out to participants rule violations during activities. This somehow provides them some control over the group. By controlling the group dynamics, facilitators miss the opportunity for teams to show their real team dynamics.

We Discourage Blindfolds 

Many team building activities utilize blindfolds to take away the sense of sight of participants. While this ensures that participants fairly follow the rules in not using the sense of sight, this creates several issues and limitations. We at Cebu Teambuilding Services no longer encourage the use of blindfolds in our activities for the following reasons:


By taking out blindfolds in our activities, we made our activities safer for participants. When at any time the participants feel unsafe, they can just open their eyes in a closed eyes activity. While there are consequences for doing so, it is still up to the participants to do what they feel is right. Facilitators will discuss their observations during the debriefing session.

Participants Are Given Better Control of Outcomes

With the choice to open their eyes during activities that require participants to take away or limit their sense of sight, participants are given better control of outcomes. They may choose to continue despite rules infractions or they may decide not to when they want to self-police themselves. Either way, facilitators will point this out in the debriefing session that follows.

Cebu Teambuilding Services
No blindfolds in Cebu Teambuilding Services programs

Genuine Group Dynamics

Blindfolds places limits on people and eventually on teams. Without blindfolds, we give participants a wider array of choices. Since our discouragement of blindfolds is but an extension of our no policing policy, we give teams to police their own ranks. Two (2) things can happen: either they follow the rules to the letter or they allow their team members to be lenient in going through the activity. Whatever happens, there is always the post-activity debriefing session to put things in perspective.

Our Programs Are Based on Theory and Need 

The one thing that we try to avoid is the perception that team building programs are merely just play. That is why we at Cebu Teambuilding Services makes sure that the play-based activities we employ are largely based on need and anchored on solid theoretical foundations. The most basic theories that we employ are Bruce Wayne Tuckman's Stages of Group Development, David Sirota's Three-Factor Theory on Human Motivation in the Workplace, Meredith Belbin's Team Role Theory, and Hersey and Blanchard's Managerial Grid among others.

Engage Cebu Teambuilding Services For Your Team Building Programs

I hope that this post allows you to discern better in choosing your team building services provider in the future. Should you decide to engage Cebu Teambuilding Services, you may request for a proposal and quotation by filling out our online inquiry form. Our online inquiry form can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.

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