Thadz and Nathaniel Joins Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Seminar with Coach Angge

One of the core values of Cebu Teambuilding Services is the thirst for lifelong learning. Facilitators affiliated with the organization are expected to be students for life. Staying true to tradition, Cebu Teambuilding Services founding father Thadz Engaling and long time affiliate Nathaniel John Arong joins Coach Angelica "Angge" Hermentera as she conducts a free for the public session on Work Attitude and Values Enhancement. The sessions were done at a decent function room at the Elegant Circle Inn near the Fuente OsmeƱa Circle in midtown Cebu City, Philippines. There were about 15 other participants coming from varying backgrounds: students, sales and marketing professionals, trainers, and hospitality industry professionals.

The Resource Person: Coach Angelica "Angge" Hermentera 

Coach Angge as she is fondly called is the head consultant and trainer at Stellar Performance and Training Consultancy (SPTC). SPTC is a Cebu City-based training and consultancy firm. They focus on human resources consulting. She is also an advocate of anti-bullying and does anti-bullying talks around the city. Specially in schools and work places. Prior to setting up SPTC, she had a wonderful training career in the hospitality industry.

Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Seminar in Cebu City Philippines
Thadz and Nathaniel with Coach Angge

The Work Attitude and Values Enhancement Seminar

The seminar was structured more like a short Lenten retreat. It involved quite a number of reflection exercises. There were also interactive group discussions. Participants were given the opportunity to converse with new acquaintances and share a bit of their life stories. Most importantly, there were paper exercises that called for some deeper self-introspection. It was aimed at creating higher levels of self-awareness. That shall lead to higher self-confidence and eventually a resolve to take personal action for one's own good.


Cebu Teambuilding Services would like to extend it's sincere gratitude to Coach Angge for allowing us to participate in the sessions. It was a wonderful learning experience.

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