Cebu Teambuilding Services Welcomes The 23rd Circle

The Facilitators' Circle proclaimed the 23rd batch of it's senior facilitators last April 20, 2015 at Guanzon Beach Resort, Langtad, Naga City, Cebu. Philippines, Cebu Teambuilding Services welcomes a new batch of facilitators that will complete their mandatory service term by April 2016. Cebu Teambuilding Services is founded and managed by Thaddeau Engaling II, himself an alumni facilitator of the FC batch 8. 

Cebu Teambuilding Services welcomes 23rd batch of Facilitators' Circle
The 23rd batch of the Facilitators' Circle

Cebu Teambuilding Services welcomes 23rd batch of Facilitators' Circle
Tactical Planning

The 23rd Circle is made up of the following membership:

  1. Edelyn Codera (Head Facilitator)
  2. Angela Mari Asido (General Co-Facilitator)
  3. Eula Melissa Virtucio (Training Director)
  4. Bianca Camille Bajarias (Assistant Training Director)
  5. Kriza Mae Alexa Rule (Process Observer)
  6. Chinky Claudine Sedurifa (Assistant Process Observer)
  7. Mary Francesca Baynas (Chief Purser)
  8. Pearl Gabrielle Garnica (Assistant Chief Purser)
  9. Jalen Crae Co (Setup Coordinator)
  10. Glenn Vincent Makawili (Setup Coordinator)
  11. Van Kristine Basalo (Setup Coordinator)
  12. Neciforo Pesiao Jr. (Setup Coordinator)
  13. Christie Angela Velasco (Setup Coordinator)
  14. Marinella Cabinian
  15. Chaira Felgia Tunacao
  16. Josel Buanghug
  17. Jakeson Paquibot
  18. Quennie Nikki Paring
  19. Maria Patrice Charisse Cirunay
  20. Jason Ernie Origenes
  21. Josil Anne Alverio
  22. Jelvie Cortes
  23. Rochelle Jumawan
  24. Jireh Mary Jeaniel Villarito
  25. Ralph Jurado
We, at Cebu Teambuilding Services look forward to a harmonious and efficient working relationship with Circle 23 for the 2015-2016 term.

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