Oceana Philippines Tabs Cebu Teambuilding Services To Conduct Team Building Seminar in Moalboal

Oceana Philippines tabs facilitators from Cebu Teambuilding Services to conduct its first ever team building event at Hale Manna Beach Resort and Coastal Gardens in barangay Saavedra (Basdaku), Moalboal town, Cebu, Philippines.

Oceana Philippines team building workshop in Moalboal Cebu Philippines
Oceana Philippines

Facilitators Involved 

Cebu Teambuilding Services managing consultant and lead facilitator Thaddeau "Thadz" Engaling II was project lead for the Oceana Philippines team building program. Assisting Thadz was Cebu Teambuilding Services affiliate team building facilitator and training consultant Philipp Chen Tan.

Topics Covered

Several topics were covered in the team building workshop for Oceana Philippines. Focus was on building camaraderie among the Oceana Philippines staff, creating norms to reinforce organizational processes, explore the best leadership styles in certain situations, and developing healthier relationships between Oceana Philippines colleagues.


Communication culture was one of the areas Oceana Philippines. The participants had fun doing a sturctured learning activity on communication wherein they were exposed to a situation on how best to communicate, especially in giving out instructions, providing feedback, and preferred modes of communication.

Chen also did a lecture on the practical use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as applied to interpersonal communications. The lecture highlighted how to communicate with different types of persons in relation to their MBTI types.


A structured learning activity was also done to highlight the importance of situational leadership. Participants were quizzed on what leadership styles are best for specific situations such as when there is low motivation and low skill, low motivation and high skill, high motivation and low skill, and when both skill and motivation is high.

Achievement Motivation

Participants creative thinking skills were also put to the test in an activity that challenged them to keep improving despite believing that they have already reached their best. 


One of the highlighted activities toward the end of the program was a 2-hour norming session with a presentation and interactive discussion after. This process was not completed during the training itself. The norming session served as a good start to provide a structure for which the Oceana Philippines can work on as they move forward.

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