6 Reasons Why Mountainview Nature Park in Cebu City, Philippines Can Be A Good Team Building Venue

For teams or organizations who wish to do their team building programs not too far away from the city, one good venue to consider is the Mountainview Nature Park in sitio Garaje, barangay Busay, Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines.

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Mountainview Nature's Park in Cebu City, Philippines

Here are five reasons why Mountainview Nature Park can be a good venue for team building programs in urban Cebu City:

1. It's Not Too Far From Cebu City 

High up in the mountains of Cebu City, Mountainview Nature's Park is just a 30-minute drive from JY Square Mall in Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines. Nearby are places that are fast becoming places of interest within the city such as the Temple of Leah and Lantaw Restaurant - Busay.

2. The Place Offers Good Privacy

Public transportation is not regular at Mountainview Nature's Park. This means that because it may be inaccessible to many commuters, not too many people actually come here providing a great degree of eclusion and privacy for those who actually come here. Plus the activity areas and function halls within the park is too spread out, making it an ideal events place.

3. You Have Everything Within Reach

Since Mountainview Nature's Park is not too far away from the city, everything is within reach. Plus they have facilities that ensure the basic needs of park visitors are taken cared of. They have a canteen, a full-service restaurant, several cottages, ample parking spaces, and hotel rooms. 

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Canteen and reception area at Mountainview Nature's Park in Cebu City, Philippines

4. There Are Lots of Function Halls To Use

Within Mountainview Nature's Park are numerous open-air function halls. These halls can hold up to 100 persons and can be rented starting at a rate of PhP 1,000 for the first five hours. While these halls are not air conditioned, heat will not be a problem as the park itself is a patch of green high up in the breezy mountains of Cebu City.

Mountain View Nature Park in Cebu City Philippines
Air Doctor Cebu team building program at Mountainview Nature's Park in Cebu City, Philippines

5. They Have A Ropes Course Facility

While the ropes course facility at Mountainview Nature's Park is made for recreation, the creative team building facilitators from Cebu Teambuilding Services can make good use of this facility to create team building programs built around a ropes course. Fee to use the ropes course is only PhP 150 per person.

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Entrance to the ropes course facility at Mountainview Nature's Park in Cebu City, Philippines

6. Fees Are Affordable

Admission to Mountainview Nature's Park is only PhP 50 per person. To gain entry into the pool area costs only PhP 100 per person. And rental for function halls starts at PhP 1,000 only.

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