HR Conference Date Moved Next Year

The HR Team Building Conference and learning session organized by Cebu Teambuilding Services for Imagine Art in Learning (Italy) has been moved to a later date in the first quarter of 2016. The new date will fall between January and March 2016. 

Reasons for Moving the HR Conference Date

Several reasons have prompted the organizers to postpone the HR Team Building Conference from its original date of between December 14-16, 2015 to a later date in January or February 2016.  

The first reason is the inability of the cargo forwarder to deliver the package of instruments in time for the original mid-December date of the conference. While initially, the expected delivery time was 45-60 days from Italy to the Philippines, it will take another 15 days to deliver the packages from Manila to the Visayas or Cebu. The packages were shipped in mid-September and there is no assurance it can arrive in time for the original conference date. Add to that the possible delays from Philippine customs authorities which might add a few more days on the wait.

The second reason is the difficulty of a suitable venue. The organizers have been negotiating with hotels near the Cebu City business districts to be the venue for the HR Conference. Some hotels are not very keen on hosting the conference owing to it's unique nature of having some fifty team building conference participants playing musical instruments at one time with a concentration on percussion instruments or drums. Dr. Simonelli's visit in December 2015 will now be focused on negotiating with the hotels and ironing out the final details of the conference. 

Cebu HR Team Building Conference 2016 Sponsors Welcome

Cebu Teambuilding Services will now turn its focus on promoting the Cebu HR Teambuilding Conference 2016. Part of this promotion is to source out for event sponsors. For information on how to sponsor the event, please contact Thaddeau "Thadz" Engaling II at 0923 317 3433 or 0916 291 8488 or email

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