Cebu Teambuilding Services To Organize HR Conference in December 2015

Human resources professionals are the main link of Cebu Teambuilding Services to corporate organizations in Cebu and the Philippines. As such, Cebu Teambuilding Services is continuously finding ways to engage human resources professionals as part of its marketing strategy. 

Cebu Teambuilding Services

HR Conference in December 2015

In December 2015, Cebu Teambuilding Services will be inviting a limited number of human resources professionals to an HR conference and learning session with an internationally-renowned team building facilitator as the resource person.

HR Conference and Learning Session Theme

The theme of the learning session will be DRUMSTORMING: One Orchestra Method For Team Building Through Music. The afternoon session will involve the use of music, primarily drums, as a method for team building.

HR Conference in Cebu
Drum Storming

HR Conference Resource Person

Signore Vittorio Simonelli will be the resource person for the afternoon learning session for human resources professionals in Cebu. Mr. Simonelli is an Italian team building guru whose team has done programs in Italy, China, the United States of America, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia, Switzerland, Chile, Poland, and the Netherlands. He is married to a Cebuana from Carcar and is planning to relocate to Cebu soon.

Facilitators of Cebu Teambuilding Services have previously met Mr. Simonelli in a meet and greet session when he was visiting Cebu circa 2012.  Present in that meeting were Cebu Teambuilding Services founder and managing consultant Thadz Engaling, Nathaniel John Arong, Nicolo Nasol, and Garry Garceso.

HR Conference in Cebu
Mr. Simonelli with facilitators from Cebu Teambuilding Services

Stay Tuned for Updates!

The tentative date for the HR conference and learning session is set between December 14 and December 16, 2015 at a venue near the heart of Cebu City. We will announce the final details once we have sorted out all necessary preparations. Announcements will be made in this blog and at our Facebook fan page. Like the Cebu Teambuilding Services Facebbok fan page HERE, to get the latest updates on the December 2015 HR Conference.

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