What to Expect for the Cebu HR Team Building Conference

Cebu Teambuilding Services will organize a team building conference for human resources professionals in December 2015. Here is what participants to the conference can look forward to:


The main objective of the December 2015 conference is to let participants learn about how to use music as a medium for building high performance teams. Focus will be on the use of percussion instruments or drums via a program called "Drumstorming", an idea forwarded by the resource person, Dr. Vittorio Simonelli of Imagine Art in Learning (Italy).

HR Conference in Cebu
CTFN facilitators with Dr. Simonelli

The theme of the learning program will be "Rhythm for High Performance Teams". Participants need to only invest time and presence at the conference as there will be no fees to be charged to the participants.

Lots of Fun 

The learning session will not exclusively utilize a lecture-type setting. While there will be theoretical inputs, emphasis will be on experiential learning and participants will be involved in the drum orchestra. This will be a fun experience specially for the participants who are musically-inclined.

Networking Opportunity

Attending the HR conference in December is also a good networking opportunity. It allows participants to connect with other human resource professionals from other organizations, meet new friends, and open up opportunities for collaboration, mentoring, and sharing of best practices within the community of human resources professionals. HR professionals will also be acquainted with Cebu Teambuilding Services, Cebu's leading team building services provider who is organizing this event. They will be introduced as well to Gestalt Wellness Institute, the mother company of Cebu Teambuilding Services. Cebu Teambuilding Services managing Consultant Thaddeau "Thadz" Engaling II and Gestalt Wellness Institute president Kirk Patrick Castro will be present during the event.

Cebu Teambuilding Services
Gestalt Wellness Institute


While the HR team building conference will only last for one afternoon, snacks will be served to the participants. No additional charges are expected as this is sponsored by Drumstorming Italy through the generosity of Dr. Simonelli.

Watch out for more information about the Cebu HR Team Building Conference in December 2015. Bookmark this website and blog as more information will be released through articles posted here.

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