Thadz To Organize FC Olympics 2015

Cebu Teambuilding Services managing consultant and Facilitators' Circle batch 8 alumni facilitator Thadz Engaling has volunteered to organize the FC Olympics 2015. The date for the FC Olympics is set on November 7, 2015 with the Alta Cebu Village Garden Resort in Tugbungan, Pilipog, Cordova, Cebu, Philippines as the venue.

Thadz to organize FC Olympics in Cordova Cebu Philippines
Alta Cebu Resort in Cordova, Cebu, Philippines

FC Olympics Events

The FC Olympics will feature events in beach volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, wall climbing, billiards, darts, swimming, and a lot more. Below is the complete list of FC Olympics 2015 events:
  1. Beach Volleyball
  2. Basketball Shooting Contest-Big Ball (Individual)
  3. Basketball Shooting Contest-Big Ball (Doubles)
  4. Basketball Shooting Contest-Big Ball (Trio)
  5. Basketball Shooting Contest-Small Ball (Individual)
  6. Basketball Shooting Contest-Small Ball (Doubles)
  7. Table Tennis (Singles)
  8. Table Tennis (Doubles)
  9. Table Tennis (Team)
  10. Badminton (Singles)
  11. Badminton (Doubles)
  12. Badminton (Team)
  13. 3x3 Football (Women)
  14. 3x3 Football (Men)
  15. 3x3 Basketball (Men)
  16. 3x3 Basketball (Women)
  17. Soccer Baseball
  18. Swimming, Freestyle
  19. Swimming, Backstroke
  20. Swimming, Breaststroke
  21. Swimming, Individual Medley
  22. Swimming, Medley Relay
  23. Swimming, Freestyle Relay
  24. Wall Climbing (Solo)
  25. Wall Climbing (Team)
  26. Billiards-8 Ball (Singles)
  27. Billiards-8 Ball (Doubles)
  28. Billiards-8 Ball (Team)
  29. Billiards-9 Ball (Singles)
  30. Billiards-9 Ball (Doubles)
  31. Billiards-9 Ball (Team)
  32. Billiards-15 Ball (Singles)
  33. Billiards-15 Ball (Doubles)
  34. Billiards-15 Ball (Team)
  35. Billiards-Solids & Stripes (Singles)
  36. Billiards-Solids & Stripes (Doubles)
  37. Billiards-Solids & Stripes (Team)
  38. Darts (Singles)
  39. Darts (Doubles)
  40. Darts (Trio)
  41. Darts (Team of 5)
  42. Speed Card Game
  43. Chickicha Card Game
  44. Tong-its Card Game
  45. Sungka
  46. Chess (Individual)
  47. Chess (Team)
  48. Takyan (Singles)
  49. Takyan (Doubles)
  50. Takyan (Team)
  51. Uno Stacko
  52. Holen
  53. Dampa
  54. Luksong Lubid (Solo)
  55. Luksong Lubid (Team)
  56. Dama Derecha (Individual)
  57. Dama Derecha (Team)
  58. Mahjjong
  59. Arm Wrestling
Thadz to organize FC Olympics in Cordova Cebu Philippines

Thadz to organize FC Olympics in Cordova Cebu Philippines
Wall climbing

FC Olympics Committees

To help in organizing the event, several working committees have been set up. Following are the working committees and their respective committee heads:

Project Lead: Thadz Engaling
Finance Committee: Chris Avila
Sponsorship & External Marketing Committee: Honfred Maza
Logistics Committee: Jon Nathan Aldemita
Reception Committee: Paolo Magallon
Internal marketing Committee: Orville Dela Cerna
Documentation Committee: Romeo Sta. Cruz III
Information and Communications Technology Committee: Ricardo Enriquez Jr.
Transportation Committee: Lenbi Laborte
Safety & Security Committee: Cid Rey Red
Tournament Manager: Clint Eduard Fuentes
Programs Committee: Kevin Johnrey Sosas


FC Olympics Sponsorship Information

The FC Olympics Organizing Committee is currently looking for sponsors for the said event. Interested sponsors may get in touch with Honfred Maza at 0932 600 2115 or email him at

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